Thursday, December 11, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

On this day twenty four years ago. My Mom, went to the hospital at around 11 am. She was(are you ready for this?) nearly 44 weeks pregnant. Her due date had been the 20th of November. She was going to Military Hospitals(as my Dad was in the Navy) and they just weren't taking her seriously( they were pretty crappy back then, and you should HEAR the stories she has told!WOW). This had gone on for LONG ENOUGH! She went in to the ER that day and REFUSED to leave without one of two things handcuffs or a baby! So finally after about a half hour of acting like a crazy women who had been pregnant for WAY too long calmly explaining her case, to about 3 different doctors,they did an ultrasound, and discovered that I was barely moving, and had no where near enough amniotic fluid, and that my mom was in fact contracting pretty regularly( they didn't believe her because she wasn't screaming in pain i guess). At around 12pm they induced my mom, at 1 they broke her water and I was born just before 3 oclock. I was completely blackish looking and didn't cry. They rushed me to the NICU,and imediatly started bloodwork and oxygen. All seemed well after a sort time though, and the dr's told my Mom she did the right thing, and that had she gone home that day I prob wouldn't have made it! What a smart Momma I have!
I weighed 8 lbs 5.5 oz,and was 18 inches but had been estimated on a previous ultrasound to be well over 9 lbs(as all of my moms other babies were at birth). I was the smallest of her 5 kids. Probably because I had started to lose weight in there. My Mom still jokes that she thought I was going to be born just in time for Kindergarten!
And here I am 24 years later! Just as blessed as I was the day I was born!
Thank God for all of my years, and the many more I hope I have!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Not Me Monday!

Well, it's Not Me Monday time again! The fun time each week where I get to prove that I am a PERFECT Mother, Wife, Daughter, Aunt, Sister, Boss and Friend!!!

This week, was fun! I am glad to say that I did NOT forget to call my brother to pick up my niece that we only get to see once or twice a year, because I wouldn't do that especially since her Mother reminded me for about two months in a ROW when she was coming and that she wanted me to be the Go-between for her to get from my brother to my parents( they don't speak). Not me!
I most definitely didn't clean my car out this week and find 2 sippy cups with juice, and enough Koby clothes to dress him for nearly a's(boxes of snack size chips) that have been in there since I came home from Charlotte,and a pair of flip flops that I swore someone stole from me atwork at the beach.

I surely didn't allow Koby to play hookie from school on Friday, just because my niece(you know the one I DIDN'T forget) was in town and they went to bed like sweet angels promptly at 8pm were up till almost 11 watching movies and playing "animal doctor".

I also didn't allow Koby to open a Christmas Present already just to try and get a cute picture of him in front of the tree that he is all of a sudden scared of. I would never do that, or let him wear said present to church on Sunday,Not me!

When my MIL called tonight and asked my husband what we were doing for Koby's Birthday( it's the 16th of Dec.), I DID NOT, Stare at him with REALLY wide eyes as if to say...OH CRAP, I have no clue, because I only thought about his school party. That would be a HORRIBLE thing to do as a Mother, and I am glad I didn't do it!

Last but not least, I didn't get a little too excited when My Mom from Florida called today and told me she sent me a birthday present, and I should have it by Thursday(my actual birthday), because that would just be childish, and it is just ANOTHER SUPER DUPER EXCITING year!

I am glad that I can say I didn't do anything absent minded, silly, lazy, or down right stupid this week!

ps: anyone know what to do for a 4 year old boys B-day party...just asking for a friend!(hehehe)

Calling all Christians!!!

SO, Chris and I were having a discussion, about the age of the Earth, and how old creationist believe it is vs. evolutionists. WE are both Christians of course, but since the bible isn't 1000% clear on how old the Earth is, and the discrepancy between what most Christians vs what evolutionists believe is HUGE we don't really agree, or know what exactly to believe. Well, somehow we got on the subject of Dinosaurs.I don't believe dinosaurs existed. Even though a lot of Christian websites suggest they probably did, and all evolutionists believe in them...something about them and the way they supposedly died doesn't make sense at all to me. I all seems to go VERY much against the evolutionary explanation anyway. How did something so strong and powerful and resilient, just die off. I mean if God intended it that way, and the Bible explained that I would believe it and move on. But something about it just doesn't make sense to me! Chris says, "But court, they have bones"...and????... I mean who said they weren't elephants or other animals that we don't know about...I clearly don't 'know what I believe...but I am just NOT buying Dinosaurs.
So...If anyone knows something I don't know about the bible or haven't been able to find on christian websites...I would love to hear it! It might clear up some arguments friendly discussions in my house!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

how dare I ask- a conversation with Koby

me: Koby, what do you want for Lunch?
Koby: *signs* French fries
me: French fries...what else? You want Chicken?
Me: ...or a hamburger..
Koby: no...siken....siken,siken,siken!!!
me: okay...I got it! Chicken it is!

Monday, December 1, 2008


I found a blog...called My charming kids. Anyway, it is super clever, and funny! Sweet and spiritual! I LOVE it! Love the photography and the stories. Anyway, the author of that blog( or the MckAuthor should I say?) has something she calls NOT me Monday. For anyone who knows me know this is SOOO me! SO I thought I would partake today!

Today was an interesting day for me! It is almost over now (11:30pm) and I am glad to say there are several things that I absolutely did NOT do today!
First of all I did NOT sleep in until almost 10:00am, because Koby was at school, and I was NOT putting off doing the literally 8 loads of laundry I have sitting in my laundry room.
I then went to Koby's IEP meeting. He and I then left, and DID NOT break the no fast food during the week rule, and get a basket of Zaxby's fries and bread. WE then came home, and I did NOT let him skip his afternoon nap, because his favorite movie was on TV, and remember that Laundry...had to get that caught up right?!?Good thing I didn't get just as involved in the movie as Koby was, No NO...not me!
I was not involved in the forgetting to lay out something for dinner, which was a good thing since Hubby came home early and was Very Hungry! WE went and bought our Christmas Tree today, and I am NOT so OCD that I REFUSED to let Koby hang any ornaments and made Hubby entertain him so I could perfect my Christmas Creation! NOT ME!!!!
OH and just in case you were wondering...I am not the one who left dinner dishes in the dishwasher(clean) to put away tomorrow...wasn't me!
Glad I am...well...nearly perfect...and wouldn't do ANY of these things!!!!

IEP meeting

We had Koby's annual IEP meeting this morning. It went great. It was the first IEP meeting at his new school.
Let me start by saying that last year, he went to a different school. It wasn't my favorite. I didn't like his teacher that much. She was very negative. Not only that but at the same time, the school had a LEAP grant, which provides what is supposed to be a very good educational opportunity for the SN kids, by integrating more typical peers into the SN classroom. theory! What ended up happening is that the teacher ended up putting all of her focus and attention into the kids that didn't need it as much(typical kids), and kids like Koby(SN kids) were totally put on the back burner. He learned nothing, HATED school, and I hated taking him there. The whole structure of the school was just cold, and unfriendly, from the office staff to the teacher and even the principals. It wasn't HORRIBLE or anything, or clearly I wouldn't have even taken Koby, it was just...well...negative.
Anyway, I digress.
This year has been great! His teacher is FABULOUS! I mean I LOVE her! She is personable. She talks to me and communicates constantly, and genuinely cares how Koby is, and should he miss a day she calls and checks on him and makes sure he is alright. She is great! The whole school is great!
The IEP meeting was something that I walked away from last year feeling...unhappy at best, and decided to just see how it went. Well, this year couldn't be different! The teacher actually knew what she was talking about and how to write goals, the speech and physical therapists knew what they were talking about, and really cared and asked lots of questions! The assistant principal, was great. The psychologist, was amazing as well, and instead of trying to make me feel like Koby was a diagnosis, she spoke to me about my CHILD...not his DX. They all had super input. They all added great goals. I agreed with them all. The only thing I wanted to add was to extend his school day from half days, to whole days. And while I was MORE than ready for the resistance. THey all....ALL..agreed. The principal was the first one to say,"well if we don't extend his school day I don't see how there will be any time for academics with the other services he needs(she means PT,OT,ST and their lunch specials and recess)." The psychologist agreed that for Koby his LRE IS at school in a structured environment, as that is where he thrives. Koby one on one, is VERY cooperative and well behaved, and will and can do ANYTHING. When he gets around other kids he sorta loses the path, and in order for him to achieve his goals, which are all written based on "peer based learning and developing" he needs as much time as possible in a learning environment. Sooo, THEY ALL AGREED!!! WE still have to have one more meeting with the head of the Preschool development department for the county schools, but with Me, the PT, the ST, the Teacher, the Asst. Principal,the psychologist, and the OT all agreeing this is the best for Koby, I doubt she will have room to disagree. And I will fight it anyway, and I will win, Because I have the data to support him not reaching 3 of his 6 goals, which makes him eligible for extended days!Over all, I am soooo happy with this school, meeting, and team! I wish everyone had such a supportive team, who want to get Koby to the level for complete inclusion next year. and will do what deemed necessary to make sure Koby is successful!
I think as parents of kids with SN, we are sorta programed early on to be prepared to fight for our kids. From the get go, we often have to defend our kids very existence to Family, doctors, therapists, insurance companies, Birth to three programs, etc. so when we don't have to fight...or have others want the same things we do for our kids, it is great. It makes our jobs easier as parents. The IEP team today told me, that Koby acts like a typical kid,and that they sometimes have to remind themselves he has DS...My Job here is DONE! Don't get me wrong...I am very thankful for the fact Koby has DS, and I don't try to Hide it or brush it away. But since the DAY we found out he Did have down syndrome (that took 6 weeks but....totally other post!) we have treated him, and had the expectations as if he were totally typical. The greatest thing is that others see what we see in Koby, the he is a SOn, a grandson, nephew, cousin, friend and little boy...who happens to have Down syndrome. He isn't Down syndrome...he doesn't fit into a stereotypical mold, where a specified set of rules and regulations set forth by a team of "professionals" fit him...and I haven't met a person with Down syndrome who does fit that. Koby is making his own path in this world...he is his own person. I love him for that! And the world is a better place, for having him in it!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thankful #4

I am thankful for MY HEALTH!
I am thankful that GOd has blessed me with Good health. I can get up out of bed each morning on my own, and carry Koby(though he is a bit heavy these days) to the table for breakfast. I am thankful that I can breath on my own, and I can see and hear the world around me. I am thankful that I can type this very blog with ease. I am thankful that I have never had anything seriously ail me and that God has taken away any little thing along the way! I am thankful that I am blessed with Good....NO GREAT Health!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving meal...what are you having?

I think it is interesting how just depending on where you live, or where your parents are from, or the city you grew up in...determines GREATLY what you eat for Thanksgiving....
Being from the South we eat stuff that some people have never heard of...or would DARE try! Talking to a girl at work from Connecticut she can't BELIEVE we have Macaroni and Cheese for Thanksgiving. Where as I can't believe they DON'T have green bean casserole.
WE have cornbread stuffing,and they have stove top, we don't really eat mashed potatoes...we have is just very interesting to me!
So here is what we eat...

Green Bean casserole
Homemade stuffing ( which has cornbread, eggs, etc-NO nuts .or cranberries!)
Turnip greens
Sweet Potato Suffle
pecan pie

I am probably forgetting something....but I will add it later.
...Now what do YOU eat?

Thankful #3

I am thankful for my JOB! I am mostly thankful that even in this sour economy, I have no fear of losing my job, while I know many people who have lost theirs and continue to and my heart breaks for them! I am thankful that my company does whatever it can to protect us, and take care of us! I am thankful that they are flexible with my schedule and I can take care of my son when needed. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my job and I am glad that hey love me least most of the time! LOL!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Thankful #2

I am Thankful for My parents. They are AMAZING! They help out in any way we need them to. They are always there for me, no matter what. They are the GREATEST grandparents anyone could ask for. They spoil Koby to pieces and he loves them! They love me and Chris and are just great to us! I truly thank GOD for such great, loving and supportive parents!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Alot of people have been posting "thankful" blogs, about the things they are most thankful for in honor of Thanksgiving being just around the corner. I too want to join in the thanksgiving and daily list what I am most thankful for.So here goes

I am thankful for my Salvation.
It is the number one thing I am thankful for in life. Without it, I wouldn't be the person I am today, and I certainly wouldn't have the many blessings I do. I am thankful that I live in a country that allows me to serve God, freely and openly with out fear. I am thankful that God loves me in spite of my mistakes,and shortcomings, and knows that I do my very best to serve him. I am thankful that Jesus died on a cross many years ago, so that I could live, and be forgiven! I am thankful for my wonderful church and my awesome Pastor. I love that because of my job, I don't get to make it to church every Sunday, but that I try my very best, and get there every chance I can, and I am not looked down on because of it!
Yes....I am VERY VERY thankful, I am saved!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


My Firsts

I stole this from Christina..Looked like fun!

1. Who was your FIRST prom date?
Aaron...he was my boyfriend...we had SOOOO much fun!

2. Do you still talk to your FIRST love?
NO...I do wonder often what happened to him though!

3. What was your FIRST alcoholic drink?
ummmm beer. Pretty nasty..i can tolerate it now if I HAVE to!

4. What was your FIRST job?
Polo Ralph Lauren

5. What was your FIRST car?
I had a beautiful teal Firebird. Loved that car!

6. Who was the FIRST person to text you today? always

7. Who is the FIRST person you thought of this morning?
Koby...had to get him for school

8. Who was your FIRST grade teacher?
I don't remember...I do remember I had like 3 of them because of moving so much. I loved the first one....and don't really remember the other two.

9. Where did you go on your FIRST ride on an airplane?
To myrtle beach from Atl.

10. Who was your FIRST best friend and are you still friends with them?
Heather was her name.No, we were super young and it was in Alabama, which was like 3 states ago for me.

11. What was your FIRST sport played?
Cheerleading...or softball they started at about the same time that year.

12. Where was your FIRST sleep over?
Heathers house...we were at each others house EVERY weekend...she had a trampoline...we had a pool!

13. Who was the FIRST person you talked to today?
My Mom!

14. Whose wedding were you in the FIRST time?
My parents....they both got remarried!

15. What was the FIRST thing you did this morning?
Went and picked up Koby from my parents house for school!

16. What was the FIRST concert you ever went to?
Tracy Lawrence

17. FIRST tattoo or piercing?
Ears pieced when I was a little tattoos yet!

18. FIRST foreign country you went to?
Jamaica and Grand Cayman.

19. What was your FIRST run in with the law?
I haven't had one yet...I mean nothing traffic tickets or anything...THANK GOD! I pray it stays that way

20. When was your FIRST detention?
Never had detention

21. What was the FIRST state you lived in?
22. Who was the FIRST person to break your heart?
ummm..not sure exactly!

23. Who was your FIRST roommate?
Chris, we lived together since the DAY we graduated high school

24. Where did you go on your FIRST limo ride?
To...prom the second year

Wanna try? Consider yourself tagged!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I get to meet the VICE PRESIDENT TODAY!!!

...of my Company that is! This is a big deal...for a few reasons.
Number one is I take work WAYYY too seriously. I am pretty much a workaholic,and I really LOVE my job. It isn't just a JOB for me but a genuine career. The second reason is...he never comes to stores "like mine". I work in a regular door store, so it isn't like we give him a real reason to leave the West coast and come clear across the country to view my 5077 sq feet of Guess wonderland!LOL The third reason's the week before green really is a "home base" week,(which means everyone stays at their home stores/or corporate office to prepare for next week aka Green week) but he is so awesome and decided to come on over, and take a tour for an hour or so. It is sooo exciting for me. I feel like I am meeting a celebrity! I have a whole presentation for him and everything! SO anyway...I just wanted to share my excitement with you guys and tell you why I haven't been around much to blog lately. IT has been busy getting ready for him( and My District Manager, Area Brand Manager, Regional Director are joining pressure...I mean why didn't they just bring Paul Marciano himself?LOL).They are just going to come in a grill me on the how ans why's of the Holiday season and achievement. Anyway, say a prayer and wish me luck!!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Koby voted!

Koby's teacher says that Playdough won by a landslide!
This is a picture of his ballot! This is why I LOVE his teacher this year! She goes above and beyond, even with these differently abled 3 and 4 year olds ! Koby loves her to death and he is actually REALLY learning this year!!!! Anyway...looks like I got a playdough man here!!!!

Australia bans Kid with Down syndrome!!!!!

YOu have GOT to be kidding me!
This man moved his family their to HELP the Australian Government. WHAT would the cost have been to the government had he NOT gone to help. And they are using his SON and the fact he has Down syndrome as a reason he can't stay? And I LOVE how they try to say it isn't the disability....ohhh...well okay then. Now you REALLY make no sense! I am just glad that there are so many Australian, German and American officials behind him. I hope this gets over turned for him. But in a way, let him go to a place where he and Lukas will be accepted and appreciated! He is doing a great thing and making a huge sacrifice, and all they can think about is Lukas' Down Syndrome. He is practically an adult now, which at this point doesn't need all the medical services and Therapies most kids with DS need when they are little. the family said, they don't want or need any government help. Guess this goes to show you that they would rather 54000 people suffer with no quality medical care, than to have one "friendly kid" who just happens to have Down syndrome living in their Country. What YEAR is this?

Monday, October 27, 2008

Excuses, excuses!

These excuses came from a recent survey done at Some are funny...some are stupid, and some are actually pretty good! What do you think?

Here is what I think...

# Employee didn’t want to lose the parking space in front of his house.
-but losing his job was okay?
# Employee hit a turkey while riding a bike. fast were you doing on that bike?
# Employee said he had a heart attack early that morning, but that he was “all better now."
SHEW...that was a close call!
# Employee donated too much blood.
Was red cross being greedy?
# Employee’s dog was stressed out after a family reunion.
sooo...what is the problem?
# Employee was kicked by a deer.
the only thing worse that getting kicked by a getting punched by a moose!
o Employee contracted mono after kissing a mailroom intern at the company holiday party and suggested the company post some sort of notice to warn others who may have kissed him. seems like YOU are the only one stupid enough to do that!
o Employee swallowed too much mouthwash.
...intentionally because he ran out of liquor!
o Employee’s wife burned all his clothes and he had nothing to wear to work.
were you naked during this arson? What happened to the clothes you were wearing while she torched your wardrobe?
o Employee’s toe was injured when a soda can fell out of the refrigerator.
where was the refrigerator...on the 18th story balcony....otherwise you need to get your ass to work!
o Employee was up all night because the police were investigating the death of someone discovered behind her house.
...officer I would like to report a employee is a COMPLETE idiot!
o Employee’s psychic told her to stay home.
Did she happen to mention anything about an unexpected career change?

Pictures from the Pumpkin Patch!

Here are some pictures from our day at the pumpkin patch...Koby was more interested in jumping on the stacked up pallets they had than the pumpkins! But I still think I got some great pictures of him!!!
WE are decorating cookies later....soo look for more picture fun tonight!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

just random...

We had company this weekend! One of the other managers in my Company that I used to work for and I became really great friends. He and his girlfriend came to MB this weekend to visit with us. They stayed for a couple days and it was great fun. I really love them. Sergio and I became great friends kinda instantly. He is awesome. Kinda like a brother, considering he is almost 10 yrs older than me, but looks younger than me! It was great having company. Crazy thing is...we live at the beach...but don't get company too much! Most of our friends live here though. That was the weekend. Fun!
Today on the other hand....well, it was just sucky! I was off, but it was still just....blah! Sometimes... I just feel like the whole world is working against me...and the harder I try...the more time I waste! Hopefully tomorrow will be better! I am a pretty optimistic when days like today come...I get overly frustrated and can't see the happiness in life, I hate it! It just isn't me!
So I am off to listen to some Fugees, and chill a bit before trying to get some sleep!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

is it because he's three?

Typically Koby is a great Kid. Goes with the flow, listens pretty well, and knows his limits and consequences for not listening, etc. He is typically a "pleaser"...he will do whatever it takes to get praise and loves to be the one to make people happy.
But this week, he is just being a pain! At home he won't listen to a thing I say. He will listen to Daddy a little better,but still ends up in time out or with spankings at least once a day. At school, they too are struggling with his behavior this week. They say he won't sit still, or listen or participate, which is SOOO not like Koby. I am hoping it is just a phase, and it will pass soon. If not, I think I am going to rip all of my hair out...better yet, I might just let him do it! Here's hoping!

Monday, October 13, 2008


One of the many blessings that come with having a child with Down syndrome is the connection you make to people who also have children with Down syndrome. One of my best friends, Christina I met this very way! She has a beautiful little girl named Kallie who has Down syndrome just like Koby. We met on a message board for DS, and became great friends. Her whole family is awesome and we had a great time visiting them for a few days in Florida last year!Christina, is a great friend, wife mother and Christian. We can go weeks without talking sometimes and pick right back up where we left off. I can always count on her, no matter what. She is one of the people who just "get" me in life, and love me regardless of al of my imperfections! Kallie is adorable, and a sweetie too. She not only has Down syndrome, but she has alopecia, and Juvenile diabetes as well. She is such a trooper. Here is a little video of Kallie dancing. She takes Dance and as you can see she is VERY good! This is one of my favorites of her,and her favorite dances! Enjoy!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

21 things about Koby

In honor of Down Syndrome awareness are 21 facts about the Kobster!

1. He is funny. He finds what makes people laugh and will repeat it!!!!
2. He is adorable. I don't just say this because he is my son, or looks like my husband who I think is cute, but he is just cute!
3. He is kind. He knows how to share, and to say sorry, and loves to help other kids...his teachers love that about him!
4. He is happy! Not always, but generally speaking he is the greatest kid, and just goes with the flow so to speak.
5. He is stubborn. This is good, though sometimes frustrating, I love this about him because it will help him so much in life. A strong will, is great!
6. Koby likes to watch TV....too much really, but it has taught him some amazing things. Things I can't get his attention on, I can find a show that has the same educational value and bam...he has mastered it!
7. His Favorite foods, are French Fries, Little Debbie cakes, watermelon, cucumbers and chocolate milk. He loves sweet tea, but I don't allow that!
8. He loves his Papa( my dad). We all find this kinda funny, don't get me wrong my Dad is amazing, but when he was a baby Koby was terrified of EVERY TIME we go anywhere he asks to go to Papa's!!!
9. He likes basketball...I don't have the heart to tell him that people in my family don't get to 6 feet tall therefore making a career out of it isn't a likelihood...but having fun at it is great!
10. He LOVES the pool. Everyday in the summer he would go swimming if we allowed it...he also tans, we discovered this summer and not just burns like his daddy!
11. He Loves music. He plays guitar, drums, and likes to blow into the recorder though he doesn't really try to play like he does with the guitar and drums.
12. Koby is very independent. He loves to do things for himself and by himself. He even washes his own hair in the tub now.
13. Koby's first word was Indian. But he won't say it anymore.He says a bunch of other words but will NOT say Indian.
14. Koby loves to tickle people...and he says tickatickaticka the whole time, and then laughs his little head off!
15.Koby knows McDonalds, Chickfila, and Sonic just by the signs...even the commercials he recognizes, and then wants to go get french fries....even at 8am! LOL
16. Koby doesn't like the ocean. I think the sound scares him and it makes him nuts to get sand all over himself...incase you didn't know...we live about 5 miles from the Beautiful Beach of the Carolinas.
17. Koby likes to talk on the pone ( phone)...and he holds it between his ear and shoulder and "talks" and uses his hands, and then he will just laugh and laugh, and then say "ummm bye".
18. EVERYTIME we come home from ANYWHERE if he is awake, he HAS to Ring the door bell. If we try not to let him because someone is sleeping or something, he will NOT come inside, and WILL be VERY mad, until his wish is granted.
19.Koby HATES shoes. He tries to take them off alllllll day at school, and gets time out at least once for doing it. He has like 10 or 12 pairs....doesn't matter, he hates em all!
20. He has blondeish hair....this is so weird to me. I have VERY dark almost black hair, and my husband(his daddy) has very red hair. We both have very brown eyes too...and his are green! My Mom has blonde hair and green I guess that is where he got it...but they are the ONLY two in either family!
21. Koby was the best baby. He slept through the night immediatley. Only waking to eat once a night. He never cried, unless he really needed too. He, was smiling from the start, and loved to be on the go, and be held by everyone! He is still the greatest kid!!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wednesday Awareness shout out!

***I am now designating every Wednesday for Awareness Wednesday, where I will give a shout out to something that I like to call awareness to. Starting now!***

I was channel surfing this evening, after putting Koby to bed. Waiting for the one Wednesday night show I actually like to watch( what is with Wednesday night TV?). Anyway, I saw a commercial that caught my was just a clip of the word Herceptin. I stopped to see just what it was, knowing I had heard that word before. It was the commercial for the moving called Living Proof. It is about the Doctor who invented Herceptin, and the challenges he faced,just trying to get people to believe in him and his clinical trials. It is about the women who he has helped, and lives he has truley saved! Herceptin is a medicine used to treat/cure breast cancer. I have heard of it because, of my personal research done when my Mom, and then Grandmother both were diagnosed with Breast Cancer. They are both now survivors!
October is Breast Cancer awareness month, as well as Down syndrome awarness month( they put them together just for me...woo hoo- insert eye roll here-) Anyway, I will definatley be watching this movie and I think you should too!!! Just a little awareness shout out for the day!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Only 5 pay periods until Christmas...

If you are paid Bi-weekly like me, then the aforementioned is true. Only 11 Saturdays for Shopping as well. This is crazy for people like myself who haven't thought a thing about it. This year is just flying by. I have no clue what I am going to get for Koby, or Chris, or any of my family or friends. It is crazy to think, that I have just a little amount of time to get this done. December is a crazy month for us. My Birthday is the 11th, then Koby's on the 16th, then Chris's is the 29th. And you always have business Christmas parties sprinkled in there, along with Church plays,and parties as well. It is a very busy(and expensive) time of year for us! And you would think because of that I would start planning ahead of time...yeah...not so much! I am the one scrambling at the last minute, trying to get something that the gift receiver will like. Trying to find the thing I want to give, at the last minute which usually means going to 10 stores and still coming up empty handed. Trying to find wrapping paper to wrap the gifts I settled on, which is like finding that proverbial needle! Always buying a few gift cards, just because I seem to remember at the last minute....someone I forgot! I wish I could get it more together...but year after year, there I am wading through the crowds, scrapping up what I can find, waiting in endless lines, and leaving exhausted, defeated, and frustrated!
Then, there are people like my Mom. People that literally have over half of their shopping done by the 4th of July, and wisely sit home on those busy Fall weekends, while the rest of us are making the news for lining up at 2am, and fighting over the latest must haves. People who buy Christmas presents, the day after the Christmas, for the next know saving time and money(wow...what a concept). People who put up their decorations with Disney like magic, and remove them with the same ease. The gifts they give are thoughtful, and well-suited, as if they could read your mind, and the outside of the box is a gift in and of itself. Wrapped with the shiniest paper, curliest ribbon, and stuff I don't even know the name of to decorate the boxes. They have it all together, year after year, never forgetting anyone, or anything along the way.
Will, I ever make it to the "other side". It's doubtful! I keep trying, and saying I will do it, and year after year I make the same choices, and end up in the same boat as the year before. Well, I guess there is always next year!!!! Happy Shopping...and let me be the first to say Merry Christmas!!!

Down Syndrome Creed

The Creed of Babies with Down Syndrome

My face may be different

But my feelings the same
I laugh and I cry
And I take pride in my gains
I was sent here among you
To teach you to love
As God in the heavens
Looks down from above
To Him I'm no different
His love knows no bounds
It's those here among you
In cities and towns
That judge me by standards
That man has imparted
But this family I've chosen
Will help me get started
For I'm one of the children
So special and few
That came here to learn
The same lessons as you
That love is acceptance
It must come from the heart
We all have the same purpose
Though not the same start
The Lord gave me life
To live and embrace
And I'll do it as you do
But at my own pace
I liked the way the words are bolded!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Ace and TJ's Grin Kids

I think people either LOVE or HATE morning talk Radio. I LOVE it! But not all of it! I love a specific is called Ace and TJ in the Morning. It is based out of Charlotte, North Carolina! The show is just amazing. I love lots about this show. It is just good clean fun! It is something you never have to worry about being offended. They make fun of everyone..EXCEPT...people with disabilities. IN fact, it is quite the opposite. Ace has a nephew with Down syndrome, and that coupled with the fact that they are just good people, they not only respect but support and care about people with all level sof disabilities. Every year they take a group of kids, called GRIN kids to DisneyWorld. This trip is amazing. Being the mother of a child with Down Syndrome, I have been exposed to lots of kids with all sorts of disabilities and their stories and struggles. Even still this show brings tears to my eyes every year. They are surely tears of JOY! These families who otherwise wouldn't be able to take this sort of trip, are just sooo happy and excited. Most of them tell stories of how they have seen huge changes in their kids, or describe their behavior as extrordinary compared to what they are used to seeing, on a day to day basis during this trip. This is just awesome! This year I love the fact they have several families that have multiple kids with disabilities. One family in particular has two sons with Aspergers, and a son with Down syndrome. I just can't imagine, how their life is, and I am so happy that all the listeners have been able to bless these families with such a gift! Check it out! And if you aren't in the listening area, you can listen online! It is a family show! Check-em out! Click here!

Celebrating a Blogaversary!!!!

Hey there blog readers! I have only been blogging for a couple months. It is so fun for me! I definately don't want to stop. I have found so many awesome blogs!
My favorite blog of all is a friend of mine named Renee. We both have kids with Down Syndrome, her Kennedy and My Koby, which is how we met. She is just SUCH an amazing person. If you have never visited her blog, please do so! Today is a special day for her! It is her BLOGAVERRSARY!!!! One year blogging!!!! GO visit her, leave her comments! She is doing some AWESOME give aways! Lots of prizes and stuff! If nothing else just read her blog. She is funny, insightful, and a great Mother, Daughter, Christian, Wife, and Friend! Here is a link to her Blogaversary blog ! ENJOY!

Koby's first day of school this year

NO, school didn't start late in Myrtle Beach. It is sort of a long story with the whole moving to Charlotte,and the the personal issues that made us make the decision to move back in just a couple months time,etc etc.So, anyway with that said... Koby started his new school today. We went in and met his teacher. I had spoke with her on the phone but never met her. We just decided we would meet her today which is also his first day of school. So, in we went, and on to his room. We had him all packed up. His back pack ( I'm a mean mom like my friend Renee and made him use the same one from last year) WE had his pull ups and his play shoes, and his glasses in his bag. Then his lunch packed up in his new lunch box. He brought a ham and cheese lunch able, cucumbers, pringles, and chocolate milk. YUM!lol. We also brought in orange iced with sprinkles, sugar cookies, for the whole class! So in we went and Koby made himself right at home, just going through the toys, playing, and making friends. I loved his teacher right away! She is so nice. She just kept saying how cute ( and tiny) koby was. I think I forget how tiny he is because he is my only child, and he isn't around other three year olds much. But compared to the other kids he is a bit smaller, especially the girls. Anyway, I filled out some papers for her records, and then she asked me a few questions, which included, is he allergic to any food, is he potty trained, is he a, no, YES! So, after that I told Koby I was leaving, and he said Okay, Bye and was back to playing. I said, okay then....bye! I think he is going to like it! He always makes the best of any situation. I like this school better than the other school already. It isn't that there was anything wrong with the other school, it was nice and his teacher was nice. She was just louder and more abrupt, something Koby doesn't respond as well to. The staff at the other school, didn't seem as nice as this staff today did. All in all I think it is going to go well. THe best thing of all is that the school is RIGHT across the street from my neighborhood. We have to leave like 5 minutes before school, instead of 20 which means we get things together better!!! Oh well I am off to get some stuff done...I will update how his day went later!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October already...

... which means Down Syndrome Awareness Month!!!! YAY Always a great time to celebrate, and educate!!!!I will have blogs all month long about DS awareness, education, and Koby!
Holding onto Hope-Courtney

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


When did Koby start calling Chris DAD insteadof Daddy?
When did he start telling me to put "dis in dare" (pointing to the big living room TV, then pointing to his bedroom)?
At what point did he decide that saying "huh?" when I call his name is an appropriate response?
How does he know how to put DVD's in a DVD player, and turn them on, but refuses to use the potty ( I think I am being played!)?
Why will he eat anything put before him at my Mom's house, but at home come meal time he wants Fries, chips, cakes, Ice cream or Pizza?
How is it that he is helping his cousins, learn stuff like, putting together puzzles, throwing balls, and climbing the swing set?
How come every time we get within 2 miles of my parents neighborhood, he IMMEDIATELY starts yelling...MAMA...PAPA?? PAPA???
How does he know, that when people are upset, the best thing to do is to rub their hair, and kiss their forehead, and tell them,"shhh,awwwight...shhhh"
When did he decide, that twinkle twinkle wasn't his favorite song anymore?
Where was I when Hannah Montana beat out the Doodlebops as the best show ever in his eyes?
When did he become too "mature" for the high chair, and instead at the first inklink of meal time will crawl up in his booster?(the same one we could FORCE him to sit in 6 months ago)
How does he know, that putting socks on your hand and "biting" people with them or "talking" with them is funny?
How is it that he seems to know which shoes goes on which foot, almost ALWAYS?
How is it that he will be 4 years old in just 2 months?
Where was I when my sweet little snuggable baby, turned into a handsome, intelligent, funny and loveable Big Boy?

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Who would play you?

Have you ever thought about it? If there was a movie writen about your life...who would you want to play YOU?
I was thinking about it the other day when someone told me I looked like someone famous(who I didn't know by the way, so don't know if it was an insult or compliment!LOL). So, here is what I decided on.
If there was a movie about my life, I think I would want, Kristin Davis ( aka: Charlotte from Sex and the City) to play me. I choose her because I like her acting style. She could adapt easily to play many of the roles of my life. The mother role, she already plays on Sex and the City. My professional life would be super easy for her, because in her real life she has a fashion line, and therefore obviously knows the business.She kinds looks like me, as in coloring. I think she has a great personality, from what I have seen in her interviews. She seems like a very open, and accepting person, which I consider myself. As far as my stubborn, and difficult side I think she could handle too. The only draw back is she is a little older than me, but other than that I think she would be perfect!
SO...who would play you? Blog about it and link back in a comment! I would LOVE to read what you think about it!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

In honor of September being National Childhood Cancer Awareness month, Chili's has been donating a portion of their proceeds to St. Jude's Children's Hospital but on MONDAY the 29th they will donate 100% of their proceeds!!!!

SO.....GO eat there!
I eat there all the time as there is litterally one 500 feet from my store inside my mall. I will be dinning there on Monday...and Having my usual! Chris and Koby will be dining there as well! Pass it is like free money for cancer and you get a delicious meal in place! Try the chicken Sandwich...yum!
ps: Cancer SUCKS!

What was it...

Today which was technically yesterday, since it is now 1 am, was a long day. I don't know i it was the fact that I knew I had tomorrow off...or the fact that it was NASTY and rainy and cold...the kinda day that makes you just wanna sleep. Or, if it was the fact that I am getting anxious about going back home. I miss my Husband and Koby. I miss my bed, and my Couch, and my yard, and my city. My little restaurants that I love. It will be good to go back. But I do love Charlotte as well. Not so much the city or the people, cause they are strange! But I love the store...I love my family here...and I love being in a new place with soooooo much to do! But, I suppose that is the way life is right? Well off to bed I go. I don't have to work tomorrow so sleep is on the agenda!
Holding onto Hope-Courtney

September is Childhood Cancer awareness Month!

**The cause of most childhood cancers are unknown and at present, cannot be prevented. (Most adult cancers result from lifestyle factors such as smoking, diet, occupation, and other exposure to cancer-causing agents).

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Relax your paws

That is the "motto" for the new shoes I bought today.
Now let me preface this post by saying...I LOVE SHOES! Anyone who knows me knows I love shoes. People are always calling asking me to borrow my shoes. I love to share them, as much as I love to wear them. BUT...these boys I bought today...they are MINE all MINE!
I work on my feet at least 8 hours a day. I run around a 5077 sq. foot store, that much to my disappointment has a concrete floor. So, while I may have some of the CUTEST, most fashionable, and expensive shoes, available...they are so not concrete, 8 hours running around, climbing up and down ladder friendly. In the summer, that is really fine though, because there are plenty of flip flops and sandals that are super comfy,and still cute and fashionable, for summer fashion. But with winter well on it's way(ie: the high today was 62 degrees) I set out today to find a pair of shoes for winter, that fit the following criteria: They must be cute. They must be fashionable. They must be comfortable. They must be winter friendly.
So after walking around DSW for a little more than an hour...I found them!
They are called BearPaws. I saw them and thought...these might work...I felt them and thought...ohhh I gotta try these on...I tried them on and said...I'll TAKE THEM!!!!
They are quite possibly the most comfortable shoes I have EVER had on my feet. They are made with real Sheepskin(sorry PETA). They are super affordable($30),and a great UGG like shoe, that can be worn with casual winter fashion! I simply love them! I always feared UGGS would make my feet too hot, with the whole high boot thing...but these are the perfect alternative. So, I make the suggestion to anyone who is looking for something cute, comfy and pocketbook friendly..this winter...Relax Your Paws!!!
Holding onto Hope-Courtney

September is Childhood cancer awareness month!

"Each school day enough children are diagnosed with some form of childhood cancer to empty two classrooms!"

It makes my heart break to think about that! That could be anyone of the children you or I know and love....and maybe it is or was.
Help fight this battle! Make a donation today....there are many places you can do that, so I won't say to who or where....but make a donation, of time, money, or whatever else you can give. And as always pray!
Holding onto Hope- Courtney

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month. You might not know it, but kids with Down Syndrome are slightly more prone to getting Leukemia( a certain type of cancer) than other children. I know many children with Down Syndrome and also who don't have DS, that have had or are currently fighting cancer. It isn't a battle they choose, but one they are forced to fight. I have seen the heartache it causes families. I have seen the strain it puts on marriages. I have seen, the confusion and sadness it causes for siblings. It just plain SUCKS! Cancer sucks! But I have learned a lot from cancer. I have learned that you can love children that aren't yours and pray for them as if they were. I have learned that some people can remain positive even in the darkest hours of their lives. I have seen true perseverance,through the fight of a family who wants nothing more than to throw the towel in, when they feel like they have tried every medicine, and treatment, and seen every doctor, known to man,but they keep matter what! I have seen kids with more wisdom, and maturity than they should ever have at their young ages. I have also seen God work. Just when you think he has let these children fall by the wayside, and question his motives(as I often do as a growing Christian), he MOVES. He heals, He relieves, He rejuvenates, He brings peace.
So, in this month of September(or whats left of it since I have been abandoning my blog) I vow to have a fact about childhood cancer, a song, a poem, a picture, or something else, that will make you all remember, to say a prayer, educate, or make a donation, every day.

The first one, will be a song. It is a new song, about cancer. It is called Hold on to can listen to it at Very good song. I can't hear it without thinking of all the sweeties who are fighting this very battle tonight!
Holding on to Hope-Courtney

Monday, August 18, 2008

Case of the Mondays!

I am pretty sure I keep the lock out service in our area in business.
Last month, at around 2:30 am, outside of a bar we go to sometimes, I locked my keys and my entire purse in my car.SOOO frustrating. Do you know it took HOURS for the lock people to come! OMG I was super annoyed, even though really it was my fault! We have no spare keys to either of our cars, so that makes it even more annoying that we keep saying, "We gotta get extra keys made" and we put it off until something like that happens, and we really kick ourselves. So after this incident, we decide, we DEFINATLEY have to get spare keys made. And that brings us to today. This morning to be exact. I Arrive at work and wait in the parking lot for the other people to arrive. As soon as they do, I jump out of my car, lock and shut my door and....CRAP!!!!!!!!! I just locked my keys in my car....and they are in the ignition and the car is running!!!! AHHHH! So...I call my AWESOME insurance company who covers lock out service, and I get them to come half an hour later. And....the best part is.....(drumroll!!!!) the guy had a mobile key making machine and Ifinally...FINALLY, have a spare key to my car!!! YAY!!!! Now we just gotta get one made for Chris's truck and we will be good to go! AHHH...what a way to start a morning!Mondays...I swear!

Worry wart

Don't you ever wonder why some people stress about everything and some people you probably couldn't pay to take up concern with anything thing? In life, there are many things that typically people worry about. Paying bills, health of loved ones, job issues and family. I would assume most people on a regular basis worry about one or more of those things.
Then there are people who are about to lose everything they have,but will still cash their check and buy lottery tickets, or a $500 pair of shoes. Those who get a terminal illness and don't tell anyone or do anthing about it. Those who quit a job on a whim...the day after they buy a brand new car. Those are typically the two types of people you encounter...and then there is me.
I am both of those things...and more. I worry about all the typical life stuff. But don't get a bit concerned when it's time to go to the Dr. But more over, I worry about the craziest stuff the most. Like I am terrified that a gas pump is going to explode on me one day. I stress about the fact that my gas pedal might get stuck, and my car won't stop. I FEAR driving over bridges, because I just KNOW one of these times the bridge will fall. Or I am going to get some disease no one has ever heard of...the list goes on!
Some of you may be thinking, what? But some of you know JUST what I mean! Right? Please tell me I am not the only person worrying sick about a traffic signal falling through your windshield????

Friday, August 15, 2008

Take the time to read this....

Here is the review of the movie Tropic Thunder...a parent of a child with Down syndrome wrote it! It is Incredible! Check it out by clicking here!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Green Works gets a thumbs up from this Mom!

This stuff is great! Koby has a lot of respiratory issues like many kids with DS/CHD. We have tried to use cleaners such as Pine-sol, Mr.Clean, Lysol,Clorox Clean-up, Off brands etc. Whenever we used them, we noticed he would breakout, and have trouble for a while I was struggling with what to clean with and would clean my whole house with Clorox wipes...that was no fun(picture me down on my hands and knees wiping the tile floor with 5X5 wipes). Well one day I see a commercial for Green Works. I figure...Let me try it what can it hurt besides a night worth of breathing treatments and another thing we know we can't use. I buy it an clean my whole house with it. Not only does it work well, and smell great.But Koby has had NO reaction at all!YAY!!!! SO I recommend this to anyone who may be in my shoes.It is an all natural biodegradable cleaner that is not tested on animals! How can you go wrong?

For a better Life Campaign...

Last night, Chris and I went to try a new restaurant in our area. It is a chain restaurant, but it is new to this area, and neither of us had ever had it so we decided to try it. Food was great, service was great... but the best thing that came out of last night was,while while we were waiting for our food.You know how restaurants have TV's now that play different stuff. Well this particular TV was playing Olympic coverage. During one of the commercial breaks, I happened to catch the tail end of,I was very surprised, when a few minutes later it replayed and I got to see this.HOW AMAZING.....and apparently it is a TRUE story! How cool! I think it is older but it is still playing and I am happy that it was being shown in conjunction with Olympic coverage for MILLIONS of eyes to see!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

24 whole months...

without having to worry about going to see a Cardiologist!!!! WOOOHOOOO!
We went to Charleston today to visit with his cardiologist...Echo looked fabulous and showed an awesome aortic outflow track...AKA: the work they did two years ago looks FABULOUS!!!
So, we are on the two year plan! YAY!!!! I honestly never thought i would hear those words....but God is good! I am doubly happy because we refuse to switch Koby's Cardiologists, even though they have an excellent clinic in Charlotte, and two years is great so we don't have to make that long drive anytime soon! YAY!!!SO excited...after two open heart surgeries, BOTH of which were total shockers...the first only two months after birth and the second one which we were told he would never have to have....we are always EXTRA nervous on Cardiology day! But today was great. I must say teh clinic was way busier than normal! They are so great though that we were still only there for an hour and a half tops! Usually it is like 30 minutes tops! That included Echo, EKG, and exam,by PnP and Dr. All in all it was a great day! WE did have lots of fun plans in Charleston today, but the weather wasn't on our side, and unfortunatly we had to return back home sooner than we anticipated....but after the news we got we couldn't complain! Thank GOD!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Koby post!

Somethings that public education, my parents, college, and life could n0t teach me...that my "worthless to society" baby boy has....
1.It's not quantity but quality that really matters!
- Koby can't talk as much as other kids his age, but what he does say is so much more special that way!
2. Less may be more...But More isn't Less!
Koby has more Chromosomes...but that doesn't make him less important, less valuable, or less aware than anyone else!
3. Practice doesn't make perfect...practice makes progress!
- With Koby we learned that things are harder for him. And he may never sign "perfectly". But we have learned to appreciate his progress,which he works extra hard to achieve.It really is all about practice, and progress and soo not about perfection!
4.Love is NOT unconditional...
-The saddest thing Koby taught us is that for some people love has alot of conditions, or criteria. For Some love is about "image" and opportunity. For some love is about convenience. For others Love just isn't an option.WE just can't understand that!Koby is the LOVE of our lives
5. Ignorance is NOT bliss.
-We have encountered out share of ignorant people...including friends and family. Ignorance is quite sad! In the day and age we live in most kids can type before they can write...operate a cell phone before they can spell, and know what CD, DVD, PDA,and CPU all mean. But I feel confident saying 90% of the population have no clue what Down syndrome really me...they are missing out!

There is so much more...but for now that is all.....

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Dog day afternoon

So yesterday afternoon I get a call from my friend L....she tells me that a friend of hers has a friend who is giving away(FREE) full bred boxer puppies and she is getting one! Very cool I say, let me know when you get him I wanna see him(I love dogs!)! SO later on last night I get a call from L...she tells me a few things 1. puppy is NOT a pure bred boxer 2.puppy owners are strange and wanted her to just take him or they were gonna take him to the pound cause he was the last left and is 9 weeks old 3.he is way too skinny and she thinks all these dogs live full time in a HOT garage .She tells me she told the people she would be back tomorrow, and that she can't keep this dog, cause she was going to live with a roomate but now her situation is unclear and she just doesn't know what to do, but she can't leave him there. So, I(in my can't kill a fly mind) say....omg...just get him...we will find him a home, he can stay at my house till then. So she gets him today,we trade him off, I bring him home....and husband (who was SUPER against it) tells me after a few hours, let's just keep him. He is cute, and he fits in. this point I think he is here to stay....we have named him Hewy. Now I just gotta get some weight on him...get him to the vet...and get him potty trained which he seems to be doing remarkably well with...the previous people must have at least done that. But.....WHAT is he??? ANy ideas what breed he is? I know he for sure has boxer in him...but he isn't pure bred. It doesn't matter, but I would love to hear your opinions!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

21 days left...

until I move to Charlotte. I am very nervous...yet excited.
* I get to work with a Guy who seems to really care about the business(unlike people I have worked with in the recent past), and his career with the company we work for. Therefore, we are really successful!
* I get to move back to a big city, where you don't know everyone...I can't go to the grocery store or the gas station here without running into at least 2 people I know.
* The opportunities for Koby are so much better. He won't be going to schools where he is the "guinea pig" for inclusion...or just not given opportunities at all. Hey, maybe there will even be a teacher in the school that knows some ASL...I am sure he would appreciate that!
*Chris and I will have so much more opportunity there for wise. In the industry we work in, Myrtle Beach is a starting place....not an ending place!

* We have to start over....we have a house we like, and are very settled here.
* We are moving away from most of our parents....we won't have family babysitters really anymore!
* We are taking a risk of living apart for a few weeks! I am going ahead of Chris and Koby....get settled in my job find a daycare and school for Koby, and a house for us! It will be interesting in a city I am not very familiar with! I hope I can make it!!

Overall, we are excited....and it will be a challenge...but anything worth having is worth fighting for!-Courtney

Friday, August 8, 2008

What did you just say???

Working with the public on a daily basis is great...but very interesting. There are times when I love it..and times when I absolutley hate it. The summer time is particularly interesting here though. I live(and work) in a city that is a HUGE summer tourist destination. So we see people from allll over the USA as well as the world. It is always my firm belief to provide optimal customer service to each and every customer as if they are your best! However...even I have times when I just shake my head and walk away... a couple of such incidences:
Obnoxious Customer walks in with a pair of shoes in her hands, and places them on the counter in front of me...
Obnoxious customer: Hi I bought these shoes from your store several months ago, and the first time I wore them "THIS" happened.
picture "THIS": a pair of shoes that look as if they were used to "run" the Indy 500, with a slice down the heal, that was so clearly "man made" it couldn't have been disputed in court.
Me: so what is it that I can do to help you?
Obnoxious customer: Well I want my money back for them....I mean I only wore them once....
Me:well, I do apologize you aren't happy with the product, but I do have to tell you that these shoes are REALLY old, we don't even carry them you happen to have a receipt? or even the box
Obnoxious customer: No...but you can just give me the cash for them, we don't have to do like a formal return
Me: .....nooo....actually I can't do anything for you with out the receipt or the box...
Obnoxious Customer:.... well I will just buy another pair of shoes, and that way I would have a shoe box, and a receipt!!!(so proud of herself for coming up with this ULTIMATE idea)
me: ....(I am just looking at her like she is CRAZY)....are you serious? Ma'am there is NOTHING I can do for you! Sorry!
Obnoxious customer: DANG....that is the same thing they told me at the last 3 (insert name of company i work for here) stores....
Gotta give it to her for determination! UGH!!!!


In walks customer over to where I am in the store...
Cowboy customer: Hey, where's the couch?
Me: oh, we don't have a couch but you can sit on the shoe bench if you'd like...
Cowboy customer: No, the Couch store...
Me: ohhh sorry...we don't actually have a couch store at our mall, however there are several furniture stores down closer to the beach on Hwy 17 N.
Cowboy Customer: ( now looking VERRRYYY confused) couch....(he turns to look at his female companion, who looks as if she doesn't understand a WORD I am saying)...Couch like the pocketbooks and stuff
me:...(LIGHTBULB!!!!) Ohhhh the COACH store....
Cowboy customer: yeah, the Couch store....
me: it's down on the right...
Eiy yi yi! Who knew English could be so difficult

And Last for now:

One of my all time favorite situations though are the people who come up to me and don't speak a WORD of English...and instead of attempting to get across to me in hand gestures what it is they need..they just look at me straight in my face, and speak in a language I can't even recognize.....and when I look at them and say Sorry I don't understand you, they then speak louder and more adamantly in unknown language....when I then say....I don't know what you are saying(louder and more adamantly).....they are now red faced and YELLING at me in unknown language, that I am supposed to this point I just walk away....leaving a customer angry at ME...and rightfully so....I mean doesn't EVERYONE know every spoken language on EARTH?

Tropical Thunder....I think NOT!

So many of you know me well...and know I am a very tolerant person...except when it comes to my son...and specifically words that are degrading to him ie: retard. Well here lately it seems every comedian...TV show....Movie....and conversation include that word and it's variations. Most of the time I cringe and try to not let it get to me...but My friend Christina(who also has a daughter with Designer Genes) brought this situation to my attention through her Blog.

Let me tell you, I am OUTRAGED!
I don't ever ask for much...but I ask EVERYONE to repost this. I love my son, and most of you who know him love him too....he and his awesome friends don't deserve this kind of senseless degrading! Their lives(like everyone else's) can be difficult enough without ignorant adults making it worse!
Here is the issue...a new Ben Stiller movie :Tropical Thunder ( or something like that)...has a VERY...VERY offensive scene. I just want everyone to express to them through posting on the site, or boycotting the movie, or reposting this etc. that this won't be tolerated ANYMORE. Don't do it for it for Koby and the MANY other people living with intellectual disabilities who can't and shouldn't have to defend themselves, against the way God made them!
Here is the site:

I thank you in advance for reading this and re-posting it!-Courtney

Here I go again on my own...

I have been urged by many to begin blogging again. I never felt like I had time,(or just didn't want to make up a better excuse). But in preparation of moving...(and since I got a SUPER cool new computer)...I am shall begin blogging. Really I guess for no one other than myself. Some of the things I go through on a daily basis...are hilarious(some are so NOT)! Sometimes I find myself saying...I wish I was the kind to write this down because this is going to be even funnier in due time. And just to keep up with my family will be fun!Also a way to document my son's life. He is growing sooo fast! well that's it for the first entry....