Monday, June 29, 2009

Chatting with my Child

Me: Koby, how old are you?
Koby: ten(giggling)
Me: Koby you are not Ten...How old are you?
Koby: Bubble(giggling)
Me: Bubble is not an age child, how old are you Koby?
Koby:(now laughing hard)Off
Me: are 1...
Koby: (Now serious)...Por(while holding his little fingers up on his right hand with his little thumb tucked in)
Me: Yes, you are four(while laughing because he was clearly offended by my saying he was 1!)

Friday, June 26, 2009

The last shot...

One year old

2 Years old

3.5 Years old

4.5 years old

I really hope this isn't the last year! He is growing too fast!

Friday, June 19, 2009


I am so excited to announce that a group of friends and I have decided to raise money for this AWESOME charity. If you don't know anything about Give Kids The World(GKTW),it is a village located in Orlando Florida that provides all-expenses paid vacations for entire families of children with life-threatening illness.
This cause really hits home for me because I have had several friends who have been able to go and stay at the GKTW village and take vacations they otherwise wouldn't have been able to take. We have set our group goal to raise for 40K dollars. WE are spread all over the south and southeast of the country, and also in Puerto Rico, so this number is achievable. We are collecting the monies now through the 12th of July and on the 15th of July a group of us are going there and volunteering as well as giving them an oversized cardboard check for the total amount(which they will already have because it oes directly to their account). You can watch NUMEROUS accounts of families who have visited the village on Youtube. It will leave you and tears and take away ANY question as to WHY we choose THIS charity, to help make a difference.
SO, I come to ALL of you today and ask you to PLEASE PLEASE donate to this cause. My friends and I set up a page using so you can give with out any question of "does this REALLY go to GKTW or is this a scam?" ALL you have to do is ask yourself, can I do without my AM Latte one day, can I give a dollar I have in change beneath my couch cushions. Can I take my lunch this week instead of spending $10 dollars a day. WHAT small sacrifice can I make, that will make a huge difference for families, who literally LIVE in hospitals, and the last thing they EVER think about is vacation. Can you be the one to put the smile on the face of those kids?

If You answered YES, here is how to do so IN three easy steps.
1. Go to
2.Pledge your amount and enter your name
3.We ask you to please enter 3215 in the comments section(our volunteer group number).
THAT'S IT!!!!!!
It is a totally tax deductible donation. It is AUTOMATICALLY deposited into the GKTW account, so no hands but yours and theirs ever touch that money! THANK YOU if nothing else for reading this! Our goal is obviously to donate as much money as we can, but also to raise awareness for GKTW,as it has already helped over 90,000 families from ALL OVER THE WORLD!

ps: PLEASE Link this to your site, or re-post it with ou firstgiving site from above, with your own experiences from GKTW!

Let me know if there are any questions! THANKS!!!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bienvenido a Miami...coming soon!

I am really excited about traveling to Miami soon! I have never been to Miami! YAY! It is for work, but really I love my job so that is exciting too! AND I get to meet some fabulous people that I have never met but love via phone! It is strange, but true! I can't wait!!! You always wonder what people will be like. You know the ones that you have only met on the phone! I am sure they wonder too! I will keep you updated as I am sure it will be interesting!