Friday, May 22, 2009

This one takes the Cake! (buh dun chee)

This is a REAL cake bought by a Mother who's blog I LOVE!This was seriously for her oldest dauhters Birthday! Go check her blog out and read more about this cake that she PAID FOR, (HAHAHAH) and many other hilarious, heartwarming and Preppy stories she has!Just CLICK HERE!!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Memorial Day Giveaway!

Kaye is giving away some really cool tiles for Memorial Day weekend! Go check her out here and you can win them for yourself too!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Good News and Bad News

Good News: Koby cracked me up today when he took my flash drive (which is on a
lanyard) put it around his neck, and tried to blow it like a whistle. Hilarious!

Bad News: My Laptop is now missing, U G Shift and something else I haven't yet determined. They were simultaneously plucked off by tiny, Simean creased hands, while we were watching Hannah Montana's dance lesson on You tube. And they sooo aren't goin back on! ARGHHHH!

I lost Koby

It was the most terrifying thing that has ever happened. Period. I never thought it would happen to me.
I went to the bathroom,to pee. IN the approximately minute it took for me to pee...he was gone.
I walked through the living room. Saw Koby sitting on the coffee table watching High school musical 2. Glanced at the door and made sure Chris had locked it when he left.It was locked.I continued down the hallway, through my bedroom and into my bathroom, I turned the light on, pulled my pants down, remember thinking as I sat, oh this is my favorite song on HSM2,peed, and pulled my pants up and flushed. I went back through my room, up the hallway, and PANIC! The front door was wide Open. I looked to the left through the living room No Koby,PANIC! I looked to see if Chris's car was there, thinking he must have come in for lunch or something, it wasn't there. PANIC! How did the door get open and how didn't I hear it? It squeeks a little bit so I should have heard it...OMG PANIC! I walk out the door thinking he will be on the porch, in the yard, or the driveway, I mean it couldn't have been more than a minute or two, he couldn't have gotten too far. He isn't on the porch,PANIC! He isn't in the front yard, PANIC, he isn't isn't the driveway,OMG! I start SCREAMING his name running around the block and I don't see him at all! He is GONE! I start thinking someone had to take him because why else would he be so far away? I call Chris PANICKING and tell him to get home ASAP because I can't find Koby. He hangs up and is on his way, I am now shaking uncontrollably. I run down the street the other way, but with no shoes on, I decide I better get in the car and call the police. I run back down to my house, my heart is beating out of my chest, tears are involuntarily running down my face. Still shaking I reach inside the door to my purse and grab my keys. I grab my phone again, to call the police.Wait, I decide I better just double check inside that he isn't hiding anywhere.I run through my house screaming for Koby, NOTHING. So I run back outside with keys and phone in hand, and head for my car. Just as I am about to open the door,and call the police, I see something,WAY WAY down the street running back towards me. I run out into the street, sayin' PLEASE GOD LET THIS BE KOBY! I squint and take a few steps forward shielding my eyes from the sun.I can't tell if it's a do or a person, or what?THEN I see IT! His little bare feet, and pajama clad body running fast towards me, yelling Mama, and laughing...I literally can't move for a second. I realize at this point how panicked I was! I then RUN after him and my mind is racing. Do I hug him, spank him, yell at him, or kiss him.I think I did all of the above. I carry him back home the whole time, thanking God for letting him come back.Chris calls to see if I had found him yet. I tell him I did, and he is of course upset with me for losing him, and I am upset enough without his fear filled words crashing down on me. I held Koby for a minute but I seriously thought I was going to have a heart attack or pass out as I couldn't stop shaking and I could hear my heart beating LOUDLY in my ears. So I put him in his room, with some toys and a video, for a minute.It is his nap time anyway. And I just want to keep him where I KNOW he is safe, for a MINUTE!
It has been about an hour since this happened.It seems surreal. I am still shaking horribly. I can't catch my breath,and I feel like the worst mother ever. It was honestly the most horrible experience of my life! I pray NO ONE ever has to go through this! My house is soon to be laden with Ft. Knox type locks, alarms and security to ensure we NEVER go through this again! Terrifying. I thought I had checked everything. I thought he knew better. I thought he was safe. All in a FLASH I could have lost EVERYTHING! EVERYTHING.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


It is Down syndrome.
Not Downs syndrome
Down's Syndrome
Down Syndromes
Downs Syndromes
Just Down syndrome...or Trisomy 21...or T21 for short!
Koby wanted me to clarify!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Omnicef,Ciprodex,tylenol OH MY!

Yep....Ear infections are back! What we once thought to be a thing of the past, has reared it's ugly oozing head yet again! Koby woke up this morning and I noticed his ear was draining. UGH! Didn't we get tubes for that? Twice? Well, off we went to the He has an ear infection and it is so bad she is giving him Omnicef(oral antibiotic) and Ciprodex(an otic antibiotic aka Ear drops) and then some Tylenol for pain. Now. If I could just get him to take the dang medicine, THAT would be FABULOUS!!!

ps: why does my child have to act like a FOOL at the DR? Just asking!

Monday, May 11, 2009

HILARIOUS commercial!!!

One of the FUNNIEST commercials I have EVER seen!!!!


I think JT is the funniest celeb on SNL! This just cracked me up!

Our recent life in Pictures!

About 3 weeks ago...we got a puppy:

Koby obviously loves him!

His name is BEN. He is a Siberian Husky! He is such a great puppy! I just love him!

He is growing so fast!

He had his first check up today! He is healthy! YAY!!!

Chris and I enjoyed the beach yesterday for Mothers Day!

Here is me after a day in the sun.Ignore the way I look in the bathingsuit...this is for color purposes!

Here is what My POOR husband looks like after a day in the sun! OUCH!!!

The flowers Koby made me at school for mothers day! LOVE THEM!!!

THIS is sooo sweet! He made this at school too! I am going to frame it! I LOVE hand prints from him!

More Mothers Day flowers from Koby!!!!

Well, that is about it! For now! I have a busy busy week this week! I have a selling skills workshop to finish preparing and teach!
OHHH and En Vogue is on the View right now!!!! Gotta go! (never gonna get it, never gonna get it!)

Mothers Day !

I couldn't wait to get my drivers I hate driving!
I couldn't wait to graduate so I could I can't wait for vacation days!
I couldn't wait to have my own I hate making that payment!
I couldn't wait to get I realize it is such hard work!
I couldn't wait to have a baby...and I LOVE being a MOM!

It is the most amazing blessing ever! God has given me more than I could ever ask for!
My son, made me a Mother! He won't be my only child, but because of that he will be VERY special to me always! God knows I love him more than life itself!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Little Orange Pill

A recent conversation I had with a friend I hadn't seen in a while:
(after a about 20 minutes of catching up)
R: my back hurts!
ME: what is wrong with your back?
R: I got into a car accident a few months ago
ME: Oh really, I never heard anything about that
R: yeah, uh, we didn't call the cops or anything I just got rear ended pretty bad
ME: Oh so, that is why your back hurts
R: Yeah, it hurts so bad I can barely move
ME: Oh really, wow.
R: Do you have anything I can take?
Me: Yeah I have tylenol, and extra strength excedrin
R:oh, no that stuff doesn't work anymore...
Me: oh, well what do you take?
R: Well, I have a prescription for Hydrocodone, but they only give me like 10 and that last like 5 hours. To be honest I was just hoping you would have something stronger like Percocet, or Oxycontin.
Me: sorry.
R: Oh, do you know anyone that does?
ME: No, sorry
R: ohhh, well I will make some calls then.

SAD! Just sad! I left that conversation feeling sorry for her, and even sorrier for her two kids. It is very sad to me!

Then the next day, I saw this commercial that reminded me of this conversation. I think it is a sad reality that we face. I am just 24 years old...young I agree. However, 7 years ago when I was in high school, this wasn't an issue. However, it is certainly a huge issue now.You can't even buy cold medicine off the shelf anymore. People get all in an uproar about Swine flu, and many other diseases. But I have to wonder...when is the last time someone considered the people in their lives who may be addicted to prescription drugs? IT is a Problem. I hope commercials like this one, which I think is fabulous and creative, help get the word out! It is serious, and sad. Unfortunately the very public accidental overdose deaths of celebrities don't seem to do much more than promote the behavior! Maybe this will help!

Here is the commercial:

Think about it!