Monday, August 24, 2009

Lost and Found

Chris lost a $100 bill last night....we both lost sleep...UGH! He even went back out to try to find it at midnight. We were stressing! I am happy to report that it has been found! It was on the floor at work...and NO ONE saw it! YAY!

ps: today is the first day of school! I will post pictures later!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

From the Ground up...

We teach our kids to walk....we teach them to talk...we teach them to love...(this isn't a poem-stick with me)....we teach them to eat.....basically we teach them everything they know. This is the way it is designed....the problem is...more and more in this time we are in....we teach kids not to appreciate anything. I see everyday kids in stores telling their parents how to be parents....telling their parents how to spend their money...telling their parents what they will and will NOT do in no uncertain baffles me. I am not a perfect parent...far from it...i really think that we have to wonder why our economy is this way...when kids have no value of a dollar. Ask the kids around you how much they think things cost? they have no idea.
i think that we have spoiled our kids, and are in fact perpetuating the problem. how do we expect to fix this whole economic crisis....are we starting from the ground up...when a hurricane comes and the whole house blows away you don't start from the top and go start from the foundation, and rebuild even why aren't we focusing on our are required to take soooo many math classes and even foreign language but there are essentially no classes in our public school system that promote the education of financial responsibility.....we teach kids what each nomination means....maybe we teach them which president is on what coin or bill...we teach them to add....subtract...but basically that is it. Why aren't we teaching them to balance a check book. why aren't we teaching them to budget, how to save...what the differences are between one account over the stock market to know if you can truly afford something...what to do if you come into an credit cards work. i mean...if they government would invest some money into teaching how it works...we wouldn't need universal health care, or government bail outs...we wouldn't need all millions and million of taxpayer dollars going to sue the CEO's of these corporations that screwed people out of money...the stocks wouldn't be in such a mess...the list really is endless as to the things that over the next few years this would alleviate...these kids would pass this down to their kids as they grow up...etc.....etc....I know there is no perfect fix, but trying to teach these adults...well you have heard the old dog new trick thing right? lets make this worth our wild...lets start with teaching our own children the value of a dollar...including them in family decisions...since when is family budget so taboo...and no one wants to tell their kids they can't afford something...nooo just going into credit card debt it better right?....ok.....what about your kids need all those toys...i know mine barely touches his....what about teaching them to give to charity...what about giving them savings bonds....what about giving them some cash and showing them how to get the most for it...wouldn't that lesson go a lot longer than a playstation game....wouldn't that be a nice family experience, instead of your kids being hulled up in their rooms playing video games(don't even get me started on the obesity problem)...I think as americans it is time we take this problem into our own hands and start from the ground up....teach your children....or before you point ONE finger at BUSH or OBAMA...or your neighbor who has lost their home....look in the mirror. WHAT have you done to help?!?!?!?

Monday, August 10, 2009

You know it's HOT when...

on your nightly walk around the block you cross the street to walk through the neighbors sprinkler system, instead of crossing to avoid it!

Hottest day of the year today....99...with the heat index well over THAT!!!!


NoT mE mOnDaY!!!!!

1. I did not work over 65 hours outside of my house this week
2. I didn't still find the time to play with my son in the pool.
3. I am not making excuses to put off his haircut as LONG as i can before school starts because it is AWFUL!
4. I did not let him eat pancakes, ice cream and cheez its for breakfast because that is what he wanted.
5. I have not been so busy that I haven't seen my husband for even one meal this week.
6. I didn't throw about 5 fast food cups away from my car just yesterday...because i don't eat out that much in one week!
7.I am not secretly counting the days till school starts because I don't absolutely need a BREAK!
8. The one night my husband and I were together at home(well past 9pm) we didn't both nearly KILL each other in a hilarious story below!
Post you NOT ME Monday and link on over to MckMama's page for a great giveaway too! Come on..share!

On the rocks!

So, tonight Chris being the good husband that he is agreed to refill my water. He got out of bed, hurried into the kitchen not stopping to turn on lights...he opened the freezer... put more ice in my cup.. turned to the sink...filled the cup with water...he then turned to return to the bed and BAMMM! He ran face first into the still open freezer door. He panicked and thought someone had hit him, because after all it was dark and he thought the freezer door had shut on it's own...he squished the cup in his haze and the icy cold water ejected from the cup all over himself and the tile kitchen floor. Me, still laying in bed, heard a loud noise, but didn't make much of it.... Chris came walking into the bedroom zombie style a few minutes later, the look on his face was half horror/half amusement. After coaxing the story out of him,because he knew I would make fun of him and DIE laughing,we noticed hi nose was starting to swell. BUT, I decided, this story had to be shared. I called my friend Jess, because if anyone could get why this situation was so funny, it would be her. So, as she and I are laughing our butts off on the phone, Chris calls me into the kitchen. I, still cracking up, tell Jess there is more apparently because he is calling me to come to the kitchen. As I round the corner from the living room to the kitchen I see that he has hit the fridge SO hard that it is out in the middle of the floor.I stepped into the kitchen further to see just how far, and the minute my foot hit the WET TILE, I went ass over tea kettle onto the floor as my phone went sailing across the Kitchen, sending Chris into Hysterics!!! I try to explain to Jess what has just transpired, and now we are all 3 laughing even harder!!!! More water is fetched,dangerous kitchen floor is returned to it's typical safe condition, and Jess goes back to watching her movie. Chris and I are still laughing!
Did I mention Chris was NAKED though this whole thing???
Just ANOTHER Wednesday night at the Fields house!!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Blogoversary TODAY!!!

YAY!!!! Happy One Year Blogoversary to me!!!! How exciting!Even though this summer is just crazy busy and I haven't had time to blog as much...and really there aren't many people who read this. Mostly just family and real life friends...but all in all it has been a fun has been fun to look back and and see where we were a year ago! Thanks!!!
ps: I actually had a pretty cool prize to give away...but then I realized that was just stupid with all 2 of you out there! LOL

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Choices....make em' wisely!

IN 1984 when Michael Jordan was first being drafted into the NBA...he was passed up...not once but twice. Both of the men drafted before him had long careers in the was inducted into the Hall of fame.BUT...Neither of them EVER came close to being Michael Jordan! No one then, or since then has risen to the level of talent and fame as Michael Jordan!
Lessons here:Make your choices wisely...and if you aren't someone's first choice, it doesn't mean you aren't the best choice.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm still alive...and thanks!

Sorry I haven't been posting much. I have gotten e-mails asking if everything is okay, and YES, everything is great. It is just because it's summer at the beach and that means my life is REALLY REALLY BUSY!!!!! I have lots of great posts to share soon!

ps: We raised over $8000 for our charity! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! I will share pictures of our volunteering soon!
pss: CORRECTION...I just checked the website...and we actually raised over $10000 as a Region! You guys ROCK!!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

GKTW Charity Fundraiser TONIGHT!!!!!

If you live in the Myrtle Beach area please come out to Buffalo Wild Wings in Carolina Forest tonight from 5-9 to help us raise money for Give Kids the World. It is an amazing charity that helps terminally ill children and their families. 10% of any food receipts that we collect will be donated to the Charity. Donations will also be accepted on site and via the web @ Please enter tracking code 3215 in the comments section. EVERY TINY BIT HELPS....

Also: If you agreed to bring stuff for the second event on Saturday I would Like to have it by tomorrow night!!!! I will be at my store all day so just come by there, or the store on 501~

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mad as Fire

Have you EVER been SOOOO mad that you couldn't think straight? You know the mad, that just makes a different side of you come out? It makes you truly throw caution to the wind, and no matter who is around or where you are, you don't care because you are THAT MAD? Me too!
But have you ever been THAT MAD and then done or said something that just ruins it?
Like slam open a door as you storm through it, only to have it bounce off the wall at 100mph and slam you in the face? Or, have you gone to grab something that contains a cord or string, only you weren't thinking about that and therefore get whipped with the cord;most likely in the face! Or have you started to YELL at someone, be it the person who made you mad or just some innocent bystander, and you miss speak and it went from being an angry out lash to fighting back laughter, because lets face it saying assher instead of asshole, is funny!
I know everyone has been there...and it makes you even more mad.
But watching someone else do just hilarious!!! FYI!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Chatting with my Child

Me: Koby, how old are you?
Koby: ten(giggling)
Me: Koby you are not Ten...How old are you?
Koby: Bubble(giggling)
Me: Bubble is not an age child, how old are you Koby?
Koby:(now laughing hard)Off
Me: are 1...
Koby: (Now serious)...Por(while holding his little fingers up on his right hand with his little thumb tucked in)
Me: Yes, you are four(while laughing because he was clearly offended by my saying he was 1!)

Friday, June 26, 2009

The last shot...

One year old

2 Years old

3.5 Years old

4.5 years old

I really hope this isn't the last year! He is growing too fast!

Friday, June 19, 2009


I am so excited to announce that a group of friends and I have decided to raise money for this AWESOME charity. If you don't know anything about Give Kids The World(GKTW),it is a village located in Orlando Florida that provides all-expenses paid vacations for entire families of children with life-threatening illness.
This cause really hits home for me because I have had several friends who have been able to go and stay at the GKTW village and take vacations they otherwise wouldn't have been able to take. We have set our group goal to raise for 40K dollars. WE are spread all over the south and southeast of the country, and also in Puerto Rico, so this number is achievable. We are collecting the monies now through the 12th of July and on the 15th of July a group of us are going there and volunteering as well as giving them an oversized cardboard check for the total amount(which they will already have because it oes directly to their account). You can watch NUMEROUS accounts of families who have visited the village on Youtube. It will leave you and tears and take away ANY question as to WHY we choose THIS charity, to help make a difference.
SO, I come to ALL of you today and ask you to PLEASE PLEASE donate to this cause. My friends and I set up a page using so you can give with out any question of "does this REALLY go to GKTW or is this a scam?" ALL you have to do is ask yourself, can I do without my AM Latte one day, can I give a dollar I have in change beneath my couch cushions. Can I take my lunch this week instead of spending $10 dollars a day. WHAT small sacrifice can I make, that will make a huge difference for families, who literally LIVE in hospitals, and the last thing they EVER think about is vacation. Can you be the one to put the smile on the face of those kids?

If You answered YES, here is how to do so IN three easy steps.
1. Go to
2.Pledge your amount and enter your name
3.We ask you to please enter 3215 in the comments section(our volunteer group number).
THAT'S IT!!!!!!
It is a totally tax deductible donation. It is AUTOMATICALLY deposited into the GKTW account, so no hands but yours and theirs ever touch that money! THANK YOU if nothing else for reading this! Our goal is obviously to donate as much money as we can, but also to raise awareness for GKTW,as it has already helped over 90,000 families from ALL OVER THE WORLD!

ps: PLEASE Link this to your site, or re-post it with ou firstgiving site from above, with your own experiences from GKTW!

Let me know if there are any questions! THANKS!!!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bienvenido a Miami...coming soon!

I am really excited about traveling to Miami soon! I have never been to Miami! YAY! It is for work, but really I love my job so that is exciting too! AND I get to meet some fabulous people that I have never met but love via phone! It is strange, but true! I can't wait!!! You always wonder what people will be like. You know the ones that you have only met on the phone! I am sure they wonder too! I will keep you updated as I am sure it will be interesting!

Friday, May 22, 2009

This one takes the Cake! (buh dun chee)

This is a REAL cake bought by a Mother who's blog I LOVE!This was seriously for her oldest dauhters Birthday! Go check her blog out and read more about this cake that she PAID FOR, (HAHAHAH) and many other hilarious, heartwarming and Preppy stories she has!Just CLICK HERE!!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Memorial Day Giveaway!

Kaye is giving away some really cool tiles for Memorial Day weekend! Go check her out here and you can win them for yourself too!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Good News and Bad News

Good News: Koby cracked me up today when he took my flash drive (which is on a
lanyard) put it around his neck, and tried to blow it like a whistle. Hilarious!

Bad News: My Laptop is now missing, U G Shift and something else I haven't yet determined. They were simultaneously plucked off by tiny, Simean creased hands, while we were watching Hannah Montana's dance lesson on You tube. And they sooo aren't goin back on! ARGHHHH!

I lost Koby

It was the most terrifying thing that has ever happened. Period. I never thought it would happen to me.
I went to the bathroom,to pee. IN the approximately minute it took for me to pee...he was gone.
I walked through the living room. Saw Koby sitting on the coffee table watching High school musical 2. Glanced at the door and made sure Chris had locked it when he left.It was locked.I continued down the hallway, through my bedroom and into my bathroom, I turned the light on, pulled my pants down, remember thinking as I sat, oh this is my favorite song on HSM2,peed, and pulled my pants up and flushed. I went back through my room, up the hallway, and PANIC! The front door was wide Open. I looked to the left through the living room No Koby,PANIC! I looked to see if Chris's car was there, thinking he must have come in for lunch or something, it wasn't there. PANIC! How did the door get open and how didn't I hear it? It squeeks a little bit so I should have heard it...OMG PANIC! I walk out the door thinking he will be on the porch, in the yard, or the driveway, I mean it couldn't have been more than a minute or two, he couldn't have gotten too far. He isn't on the porch,PANIC! He isn't in the front yard, PANIC, he isn't isn't the driveway,OMG! I start SCREAMING his name running around the block and I don't see him at all! He is GONE! I start thinking someone had to take him because why else would he be so far away? I call Chris PANICKING and tell him to get home ASAP because I can't find Koby. He hangs up and is on his way, I am now shaking uncontrollably. I run down the street the other way, but with no shoes on, I decide I better get in the car and call the police. I run back down to my house, my heart is beating out of my chest, tears are involuntarily running down my face. Still shaking I reach inside the door to my purse and grab my keys. I grab my phone again, to call the police.Wait, I decide I better just double check inside that he isn't hiding anywhere.I run through my house screaming for Koby, NOTHING. So I run back outside with keys and phone in hand, and head for my car. Just as I am about to open the door,and call the police, I see something,WAY WAY down the street running back towards me. I run out into the street, sayin' PLEASE GOD LET THIS BE KOBY! I squint and take a few steps forward shielding my eyes from the sun.I can't tell if it's a do or a person, or what?THEN I see IT! His little bare feet, and pajama clad body running fast towards me, yelling Mama, and laughing...I literally can't move for a second. I realize at this point how panicked I was! I then RUN after him and my mind is racing. Do I hug him, spank him, yell at him, or kiss him.I think I did all of the above. I carry him back home the whole time, thanking God for letting him come back.Chris calls to see if I had found him yet. I tell him I did, and he is of course upset with me for losing him, and I am upset enough without his fear filled words crashing down on me. I held Koby for a minute but I seriously thought I was going to have a heart attack or pass out as I couldn't stop shaking and I could hear my heart beating LOUDLY in my ears. So I put him in his room, with some toys and a video, for a minute.It is his nap time anyway. And I just want to keep him where I KNOW he is safe, for a MINUTE!
It has been about an hour since this happened.It seems surreal. I am still shaking horribly. I can't catch my breath,and I feel like the worst mother ever. It was honestly the most horrible experience of my life! I pray NO ONE ever has to go through this! My house is soon to be laden with Ft. Knox type locks, alarms and security to ensure we NEVER go through this again! Terrifying. I thought I had checked everything. I thought he knew better. I thought he was safe. All in a FLASH I could have lost EVERYTHING! EVERYTHING.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


It is Down syndrome.
Not Downs syndrome
Down's Syndrome
Down Syndromes
Downs Syndromes
Just Down syndrome...or Trisomy 21...or T21 for short!
Koby wanted me to clarify!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Omnicef,Ciprodex,tylenol OH MY!

Yep....Ear infections are back! What we once thought to be a thing of the past, has reared it's ugly oozing head yet again! Koby woke up this morning and I noticed his ear was draining. UGH! Didn't we get tubes for that? Twice? Well, off we went to the He has an ear infection and it is so bad she is giving him Omnicef(oral antibiotic) and Ciprodex(an otic antibiotic aka Ear drops) and then some Tylenol for pain. Now. If I could just get him to take the dang medicine, THAT would be FABULOUS!!!

ps: why does my child have to act like a FOOL at the DR? Just asking!

Monday, May 11, 2009

HILARIOUS commercial!!!

One of the FUNNIEST commercials I have EVER seen!!!!


I think JT is the funniest celeb on SNL! This just cracked me up!

Our recent life in Pictures!

About 3 weeks ago...we got a puppy:

Koby obviously loves him!

His name is BEN. He is a Siberian Husky! He is such a great puppy! I just love him!

He is growing so fast!

He had his first check up today! He is healthy! YAY!!!

Chris and I enjoyed the beach yesterday for Mothers Day!

Here is me after a day in the sun.Ignore the way I look in the bathingsuit...this is for color purposes!

Here is what My POOR husband looks like after a day in the sun! OUCH!!!

The flowers Koby made me at school for mothers day! LOVE THEM!!!

THIS is sooo sweet! He made this at school too! I am going to frame it! I LOVE hand prints from him!

More Mothers Day flowers from Koby!!!!

Well, that is about it! For now! I have a busy busy week this week! I have a selling skills workshop to finish preparing and teach!
OHHH and En Vogue is on the View right now!!!! Gotta go! (never gonna get it, never gonna get it!)

Mothers Day !

I couldn't wait to get my drivers I hate driving!
I couldn't wait to graduate so I could I can't wait for vacation days!
I couldn't wait to have my own I hate making that payment!
I couldn't wait to get I realize it is such hard work!
I couldn't wait to have a baby...and I LOVE being a MOM!

It is the most amazing blessing ever! God has given me more than I could ever ask for!
My son, made me a Mother! He won't be my only child, but because of that he will be VERY special to me always! God knows I love him more than life itself!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Little Orange Pill

A recent conversation I had with a friend I hadn't seen in a while:
(after a about 20 minutes of catching up)
R: my back hurts!
ME: what is wrong with your back?
R: I got into a car accident a few months ago
ME: Oh really, I never heard anything about that
R: yeah, uh, we didn't call the cops or anything I just got rear ended pretty bad
ME: Oh so, that is why your back hurts
R: Yeah, it hurts so bad I can barely move
ME: Oh really, wow.
R: Do you have anything I can take?
Me: Yeah I have tylenol, and extra strength excedrin
R:oh, no that stuff doesn't work anymore...
Me: oh, well what do you take?
R: Well, I have a prescription for Hydrocodone, but they only give me like 10 and that last like 5 hours. To be honest I was just hoping you would have something stronger like Percocet, or Oxycontin.
Me: sorry.
R: Oh, do you know anyone that does?
ME: No, sorry
R: ohhh, well I will make some calls then.

SAD! Just sad! I left that conversation feeling sorry for her, and even sorrier for her two kids. It is very sad to me!

Then the next day, I saw this commercial that reminded me of this conversation. I think it is a sad reality that we face. I am just 24 years old...young I agree. However, 7 years ago when I was in high school, this wasn't an issue. However, it is certainly a huge issue now.You can't even buy cold medicine off the shelf anymore. People get all in an uproar about Swine flu, and many other diseases. But I have to wonder...when is the last time someone considered the people in their lives who may be addicted to prescription drugs? IT is a Problem. I hope commercials like this one, which I think is fabulous and creative, help get the word out! It is serious, and sad. Unfortunately the very public accidental overdose deaths of celebrities don't seem to do much more than promote the behavior! Maybe this will help!

Here is the commercial:

Think about it!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Movie Quotes

I stole this from Renee's Blog. Sounded so I am going to bite!

10. Kiss Me Arse!
Kiss Mine! In ENGLISH!.....PS: I love you
9.You gotta be rich to be insane, Hol. Losing your mind is not a luxury for the middle class.......PS: I Love you
8.SEAN! You're my same height, that is neat....Orange County
7.You can't charge me for Directions! I can do whatever I want to baby I ain't lost!....Pretty Woman.
6.Somewhere, some lucky guy's having a heart attack....the Bucket List
5.Shampoo is better. I go on first and clean the hair. Conditioner is better. I leave the hair silky and smooth. Oh, really, fool? Really.
Stop looking at me, swan.....Billy Madison
4.You get paid a $100 an hour and have a safety pin holding up your boot?...Pretty Woman
3.(running around the racetrack in his underwear, thinks he is on fire) Help me Jesus! Help me Jewish God! Help me Allah! Help me Tom Cruise! Tom Cruise, use your witchcraft on me to get the fire off me! Help me Oprah Winfrey!...Talledega Nights
2.If your a bird, I'm a bird....The Notebook

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Monday, April 20, 2009

Say what?

Say what is a post that I am starting to chronicle the CRAZY things I hear in my line of work, or just being out and about in public.

* "No, I read it...I am going in to get a copy right now for one of the guys I met in prison" ( says a man on a cell phone as he enters Barnes and Nobles)*Interesting!

ONE TWO many!

"This is John David, Eva Grace, Michael Joseph, Mark Jacob." (Says a women who is introducing her children to another woman at a restaurant,who from what I could gather is a woman she hasn't seen in years) *REALLY LADY? Could you NOT just pick one name? Talk about indecisive. I mean really!

Communicable diseases 101:

* "Would you step into that tray please" says humane society worker
"WHY? what is it?" says obnoxious know it all woman
"well it is for sanitary purposes,everyone has to step into it to come into the shelter" says humane society worker
"Well, I don't really want to step into something everyone else has stepped in" Says obnoxious know it all woman
" Well, it is sanitary. The sponge contains a liquid that kills bacteria, so the animals won't get sick if someone may have stepped in, animal feces, or other harmful substances." says the humane society worker.
10 second pause while the woman argues LOUDLY about it with her Husband
"Are you going in or not?" says the husband who is CLEARLY sick of and used to her acting so ignorantly.
"Well, I SURE hope nobody stepped in here that has hepatitis C,My dad works for the Health department and he told me all about Hepatitis C" says the RUDE obnoxious Know it all woman
"Once again, it KILLS germs, not perpetuates is safe" says now mildly amused and partially annoyed humane society worker.
* This is from the CDC site:You cannot get hepatitis C from casual contact such as hugging, kissing, sneezing, coughing, or sharing food or drink. ** Think I need to get them to add stepping in a foot bath at the Humane society?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Survey to pass the day!

1. First thing you wash in the shower? My Hair
2. What color is your favorite hoodie? Black
3. Would you kiss the last person you kissed again? (not so) baby boy!
4. Do you plan outfits? For the kids, yes...for me and Koby...and a million other people a year...kinda my job!
5. How are you feeling RIGHT now? Tired and FULL
6. What's the closest thing to you that's red? My Laptop
7. What was the last dream you remember having? I don't know, but I know that I had one!
8. Did you meet anybody new today? about a thousand people at work, oh and a wonderful new family who joined the Down syndrome "society"
9. What are you craving right now? I don't know...nothing really...maybe sleep. Pretty tired!
10. Do you floss? I used to like twice a day...and now I am lucky to floss twice a week.
11. What comes to mind when I say cabbage? as strange as this sounds...cabbage is what came to mind...steamed cabbage with butter salt pepper and vinegar.
12. Are you emotional? depends on the day, week, hour, minute, month, etc.
13. Have you ever counted to 1,000? OHHHH yeah!
14. Do you bite into your ice cream or just lick it? depends
15. Do you like your hair? yes
16. Do you like yourself? Yes,I do. Character flaws abound, but I do!
17. Would you go out to eat with George W. Bush? yes...but I am NOT talking politics...lets just talk about TV or something.
18. What are you listening to right now? You've got mail...seen it a 100 times seriously! but i LOVE it!
19. Are your parents strict? They weren't when I was growing up...and they are FABULOUS grandparents.
20. Would you go sky diving? HAHHA...are you serious? I barely ride roller coasters.
21. Do you like cottage cheese? No NONO
22. Have you ever met a celebrity? Yes, a few.
23. Do you rent movies often? More like netflix. Is that renting?
24. Is there anything sparkly in the room in which you are? sparkly? My jewelry I maybe?
25. What countries have you visited? Jamaica, Grand Cayman, usa. That's it.
26. Have you made a prank phone call? Of course! I was a teenager once!
27. Ever been on a train? yes
28. Brown or white eggs? brown...I SWEAR they taste better!
29. Do you have a cell-phone? Of course! I have a blackberry.
31. Do you use chapstick? i do when I need to yes.
32. Do you own a gun? not exactly
33. Can you use chopsticks? Not even a little.
34. Who are you going to be with tonight? My Koby...Chris is at a going away party and me and KOby decided to stay in and watch TV>
35. Are you too forgiving? No...not at all.
36. Ever been in love? I am!
37. What is your best friend doing tomorrow? I don't know...she is in It's hard to know these things! And too late to call and ask her for the benefit of this survey!
38. Ever have cream puffs? I don't eat those
39. Last time you cried? a good way!
40. What was the last question you asked? Where is your diaper.
41. Favorite time of the year? Summer
42. Do you have any tattoos? Nope
43. Are you sarcastic? haha!
44. Have you ever seen The Butterfly Effect?No Chris said it was weird and I wouldn't like it. I take his word because he knows!
45. Ever walked into a wall? Yeah
46. Favorite color? black...etc.
47. Have you ever slapped someone? Well I hope not.
48. Is your hair curly? depends
49. What was the last CD you bought? I dont know...I itunes everything
50. Do looks matter? Yes, they just do.
51. Could you ever forgive a cheater? Not so much!
52. Is your phone bill sky high? Nope, only have a cell phone and it's unlimited everything.
53. Do you like your life right now? yes I do.
54. Do you sleep with the TV on? I like to watch it when I am going to sleep, but like it off after.
55. Can you handle the truth? I prefer it!
56. Do you have good vision? Yes. My hearing is another story.
57. Do you hate or dislike more than 3 people? Dislike yes...don't hate. bad for you!
58. How often do you talk on the phone? All the time!
59. The last person you held hands with? Koby I am sure!
60. What are you wearing? tank top...sweat pants.
61. What is your favorite animal? Cow
62. Where was your profile picture taken? no clue
63. Can you hula hoop? sure!
64. Do you have a job? I have a couple!!!
65. What was the most recent thing you bought? Lunch today
66. Have you ever crawled through a window? Not to my knowledge!

New Baby!

I get to go meet a family today with a new baby with Down syndrome and heart defects. YAY!!!
And for those of you wondering WHY that is exciting, it is because when Koby was born with the same set of circumstances I PRAYED that there was someone I could talk to about it who had been down my road. I prayed that possibly I could see what a toddler with Down syndrome looked like. Moreover, I was certain these heart defects would kill my infant, and therefore wanted to meet a baby who had lived through it!
So, it is with that that I pay it forward and visit families that are now in the same situation I was in just over 4 years ago!
So, a situation I once would have heard about and thought wow, so sad I can now rejoice because 1. I have been in their shoes and know now there is NOTHING to be sad about and 2. The Lord DOES NOT make mistakes, and this is a blessing and a miracle and has already began such a work in people lives. Praise the Lord!

ps: And all you DS momma's out jealous! I get to snuggle a NEWBORN BABY WITH T21!!!!!!!!! And we KNOW they are the MOST adorable and snugglable!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The saddest crowning ever!

* Chiropractic treatments
*Caviar hair therapy
*Spray tanning
* $3000+ designer dresses
*Custom made fake eyelashes
*Talent coaches
*Custom made hair pieces
*an Hour+ of Make up and hair preparation
*Thousand dollar entry fees

All this to be judged on Beauty, Talent,and personality.

This of course is the 2009 Miss America Pageant. Or Not?!?!

I am talking about Toddlers and Tiaras, a new show on TLC that has my mind boggled.

TLC synopsis:
On any given weekend, on stages across the country, little girls and boys parade around wearing makeup, false eyelashes, spray tans and fake hair to be judged on their beauty, personality and costumes. Toddlers and Tiaras follows families on their quest for sparkly crowns, big titles, and lots of cash.

The preparation is intense as it gets down to the final week before the pageant. From hair and nail appointments, to finishing touches on gowns and suits, to numerous coaching sessions or rehearsals, each child preps for their performance. But once at the pageant, it's all up to the judges and drama ensues when every parent wants to prove that their child is beautiful.

Here is MY synopsis:
Parents with too much time on their hands, and extremely low-self esteem, or jaded self image, use their children to fulfill some void or live vicariously through them, by forcing them to act, look and perform like adults on stages across the country, all the while teaching them that the only important this in life is how you look and the more make-up and less clothes you wear the better!Ohh and the Kids win LOTS of Money for Mommy and Daddy!

I guess what gets me is these parents all say the kids LOVE IT....but yet they have to force them to practice. Half of them act TERRIFIED on stage. Bribery is their(the parents) number one weapon. It is VERY obvious that these parents want this WAY more than these little girls(and boys). Yes that's right. One woman made her little boys do pageants that they CLEARLY didn't want to do...why? She said, they are the girls she never had, so she would make them her girls. I don't make this up people! These parents just amaze me. They are SOOO critical of these kids.Kids...babies in some cases. And the parents act so surprised that they don't want to practice, or get up at 4 am to go to the salon...ugh...yeah! Let me help you out with this one...THEY ARE KIDS!!!! They want to watch cartoons, have sleep-overs, play in the backyard, fight with their siblings, and eat ice cream! Don't be surprised that they aren't compliant!!!
Then there are the Mothers. They make fun of these CHILDREN. Saying things about their weight, their dresses, their hair...their TEETH. Ohh yeah...forgot to tell you they have these things called flippers.They are defined as fake snap-on teeth that cover the pageant child's missing teeth,once they have started to lose their baby teeth. Because GOD FORBID they look like children! I mean, the 7 pounds of make-up,adult styled hair pieces, and belly-less outfits, aren't grown up enough they MUST add the "flippers".

And they try to say..."just have fun". WE do this to expose them to competition early. We are developing their social skills. WE want our kids to be well rounded. This will help her with her self-esteem. This gives her an outlet to express herself...This makes her a better public speaker...etc...etc.
It is all excuses.The way they act if the kids mess up. The way they behave when they are waiting for the crowning.And the looks on their faces if their kids don't win. And I am pretty sure saying things like "I want to see the score card, there is NO WAY that little girl beat my daughter" HMMM that doesn't sound like improving social skills!!! And I am pretty sure that giving them money for winning doesn't validate their points any at all.

All in all it is quite narcissistic to me! Sad. Borderline exploitation. Ridiculous.And truly out of control.
I wish people would stop trying to make kids grow up so fast.They WILL do that without our help!

Now, I do understand that there are probably some little girls who do LOVE this. And I think that is great.But I do think there has to be a balance. AND there is NO amount of convincing in this world, to make me agree with making 4 and 5 year olds look like this:


OR THIS(YES...this BABY has on EYE LINER!!!!!):

How is this even LEGAL???? Sad!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

I spoke with him this morning...HE LIVES!!!!

HAPPY Easter everyone!
Here is one of my ALL time favorite songs...It is so fitting on Easter and I woke up with this song in my I thought I would share it!

Indeed the Tomb is Empty...Indeed! He has Risen! Hallelujah! My REDEEMER LIVES!

Friday, April 10, 2009

No more....

SO...Chris and I have decided to make some HUGE changes to our lives. Not having a baby...not moving...not starting our own business.... it is different.
We are changing the way we eat. NO more CRAP. If you even KNEW how we eat...know what...I'll tell you!
WE eat fast food (FF)...ohhhh let's just say if there are 21 meals in a week...we are eating FF AT LEAST 17 of them...sometimes all I am sooo not kidding.
From now on is going to be healthy cooking at home. WE can both cook very well. SO, now we just have to actually DO IT! Not just to save money...BUT to be healthier. WE both really want to get lets see how this goes. Unfortunately I LOVE FF and CRAP...sot his will be hard. BUT I am committed. I will update daily...I figure the more I talk about it the more accountable I will hold myself. Lets get healthy and save thousands a YEAR! Here we go....

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sunday School Rock

If you have never heard this before what rock have you been living under you really should hear this! It is ADORABLE and I can not BEGIN to tell you how muchI Koby LOVES it! So...just in it is..ENJOY:

"Aren't Kids with Down syndrome ALWAYS so happy"



Thursday, April 2, 2009

My arms hold my hands on!

I hope your kids love this as much as KOby does! He has learned all the motions now and requests to watch it about 9000000 20 times a day!
It really is cute....and very addicting! IT WILL BE STUCK IN YOUR HEAD! Don't say I didn't warn you!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Chris is sooo sick! I feel so badly for him right now! I wish I could help him more...but my boss is coming tomorrow and I am praying I don't get sick as well! POOR GUY! PRAY PRAY PRAY FOR HIM! He HAS to get better! He has to take care of KOby who seems to be getting a little stomach bug as well! UGH all these BUGS I tell ya!!!

Lord, please touch Chris and Koby, and Lord PLEASE don't let me get this buggy until at LEAST after tomorrow!!! But never is good too! AMEN!

Monday, March 30, 2009

An award....thanks!

The Kreativ Blogger Award

CJ over at Little Miss E gave us an award! Thanks ya'll! It is always so fun to get and give these awards!

Here's the deal, first I post seven things Koby loves most and then seven bloggers we like! Easy enough! Here goes!

1.) FRENCH FRIES...omg he would eat them and only then for the rest of his life!

2.) being outside..especially on his trampoline or playset!

3.) Music...especially Hip Hop he LOVES music with some bass!

4.) the WIGGLES! He has his own sign for them and he requests to watch them daily!

5.) His DADDY! It isn't official but I think he hung the moon.

6.) Making people laugh! He is SOOOO FUNNY and LOVES to entertain...wonder where he got that from(daddy!)

7.) babies! He always says AWWWW when he sees them, and it is adorable!

Now, I choose to do this a different way! I say....ANYONE who wants to take this award, take it and have fun with it!!!! I would love to know what everyone's kids love! SO go ahead!Let me know if you post it so I can read all about it!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Anonymous posts...

it was brought to my attention by my husband and some of my friends that you can't post anon. I Never knew now can! SO if you don't have a blogger or whatever...just sign your name please so I at least know WHO you are if I "know" you.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Extreme Makeover...KOBY edition.

SO basically, we moved into this house almost 2 years ago. Koby's room was very transitional. He was in a crib and toddler bed, then another toddler bed, then a futon(he slept VERY well in it, as it was in the other room, but he wanted it) then eventually we got him a big boy bed(a queen-he HAS to have A LOT of room to sleep). Because all the transition we never really "did" anything to his room. It was honestly just a bed and a dresser and a TV...with toys galore. But recently we decided that at the very least we had to paint...he makes a MESS out of white walls! So, we figured, If we are gonna move everything out to paint...lets just redo it! SO...after MUCH deliberation...we decided not to go with any strict THEME...because really that is just a waste of money at 4 years old, he simply couldn't care less. SO we wanted to have something for him that would be a little more exciting than white walls, with not as much as a picture on them, plain bed sheets and an old comforter of ours...and so without further is what we did:

Chris and I think it turned out quite well! He is at his Grandma's right now...but I can't wait to see what he thinks of it tomorrow!


Today was Opening Day for us at the Miracle League!!! YAY!!! Here are some pictures of Koby's first day(he was finally old enough to play this year!). ENJOY!!!

Koby and I

Koby and I again

Trying his new Uniform on!

Giving Daddy a High five!

He KNOWS he is cute!

That glove is his...

Thig HUGE ones isn't but he HAD to wear it!

The lady with the camera to the left is taking his picture..she is from the Newspaper.

Running bases with Daddy!

Who's on 3rd....Koby of course!


Getting ready to bat!

Playing outfield with Papa!(my Dad)

Doing the Cha-Cha Slid in the outfield...he was hilarious!

This kid was HILARIOUS...he slid into home plate...TWICE!(Please take note that our field isn't dirt..more of a mesh covering concrete! YIKES!)

He had SOOOO much FUN!!!!!

If you guys don't have one of these near you...I strongly suggest you contact the Miracle League and see what you can do to get one started! It is nothing short of AMAZING! Everyone has such a great time, and it is SO rewarding!