Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Blast from the Past!

OHHHH how I LOVE this little boy!!!!!

Are you serious?

Okay so, if you take the time to read that article...good for you. You will understand more of where I am coming from.
This is NUTS to me. Absolutely...shocking! So let me get this straight...Muslims get upset because they feel like they are being stereotyped and made fun of in a song by a rapper. There is outcry in the Muslim community and they more or less boycott the song, and Busta Rhymes in general. What happens? The song is pulled from most major Radio, Television stations, and websites. An apology is made my the artist, and an updated version is dropped. Seemingly all is well that ends well...right?
So...WHY am I upset about this? DO I think the Muslims over-reacted? NOT at all. I can totally understand why they would be upset! DO I think that Busta' should have apologized and corrected his actions? Yes...yes I do! Am I angry that he re-released the edited version? is alot better and I think the right thing to do!
SO...Why are you upset Courtney??? Well, thanks for asking!
BECAUSE THIS IS THE SAME THING WE GO THROUGH IN THE DOWN SYNDROME/DISABLED COMMUNITY OVER AND OVER AND OVER!!!!! We have been the joke of movies, slang words blasted all over songs, posters, T-shirts, and bumper stickers. WHERE IS OUR APOLOGY? WE have protested movies, and songs repeatedly. Our National organizations have reached out in the news and in the celebrity communities, much to no avail. It saddens me to think that we don't matter! Are we not people...because we are different?
Using the word Retard to "make fun" of someone or insinuate they are stupid is demeaning, and much the same as pronouncing Arab,Ay-rab. Offensive! People with Down Syndrome many times are medically mentally retarded(as much as I hate this label- it is true). SO calling someone a retard, means what for my child,and many others?
So, I am not knocking Busta', the Muslim community, or the efforts made. I am simply stating what to me is the obvious. Once again with all the progress we have made with regards to others race, religion, sexual orientation, and ethnicity...some how the ABILITY of others is overlooked. Babies are still aborted or abandoned in hospitals because they aren't "ideal", parents have to fight for their children to have the education that is supposedly provided to them by law, and people with mental/physical disabilities are continually the brunt of jokes in the comedy/celebrity communities...and it is all okay?!?!?!? isn't okay with me!!! I am SICK OF IT!!!!! UGH!!!!help me off this soapbox now!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

25 Random things about me

Okay so I got this from a Blog Meme. I thought I would do it because it made me boring as it may be...I wanna do it...and it's my blog so HA!LOL

1. I got married when I was 18, and people made SERIOUS bets about how long it would last...I am pretty sure they have all lost by now!
2.I used to be VERY scared of people with Disabilities....hahah God has such a sense of Humor doesn't he!
3.I can't STAND the feeling of lotion on my hands, and once I apply it to myself, I wash it off my hands!
4.Black is by FAR my favorite color!
5. I gain weight and lose weight and gain weight and lose weight like it's my job...weight is a 4 letter word in my house!
6. I met one of the BEST friends I have ever had because of Koby...once again God and his Humor!
7. I LOVE football, and know more about it than at least 70% of men!(go Steelers!)
8.I absolutely HATED my Husband the first time I met him!
9.I was born and raised in the South, and have never even been more North than Newport News Virginia...(but REALLY want to!)
10.I have been a Christian since I was 14 years old.
11.I eat green manzanilla olives EVERYDAY! No seriously... a handful here or there and almost always with dinner. I LOVE them!
12.I LOVE the beach and go there at least 3 days a week about 6 months out of the year.
13. I don't drink soda,I pretty much HATE it!
14.I can't tell you what I wore yesterday...but I have VERY clear vivid memories since about 1.5 years old.
15.I have a job that I work REALLY hard mentally, physically and sometimes emotionally, at times 60+hours a week, well past midnight in the summer, all holidays, and NEVER get Christmas off...but I LOVE IT...and it is still WAY easier than being a Stay at Home mom....GOD BLESS YOU LADIES(and Men)!
16.My dad is truly the best man I have EVER met. He is caring compassionate and the first love of my life! The feeling is mutual!
17.I eat Ranch dressing on nearly EVERYTHING in this world! YUMMMMM!
18.Unlike most people, I have ABSOLUTELY NO interest in traveling outside of the United States. I don't care what France, or Australia, or Brazil look like...I have seen the pictures...I get the point!
19.I am a text addict! I TEXT and TEXT and TEXT and TEXT some more! LOVE it!
20.I am NOT a night person. By about 11:30 I am EXHAUSTED and NEED to be at home on my couch or in my bed!
21. The biggest compliment anyone could give me is that I am a good mother...It makes my heart smile!
22.I love the show Jon and Kate plus 8. It is by far my favorite!!!!
23. I don't like watching movies at all. I don't have the attention span required!
24.Everytime I get a cup out of the cupboard,I have to rinse it with scalding water...even if it JUST came out of the dishwasher.
25. I LOVE music! All types and we almost ALWAYS have it playing in our house!

Okay....4 hours later HAHAHA!That was harder than I thought! But pretty fun!

Monday, January 26, 2009

How's Your News?

Have you heard about THIS?

I don't know how I feel about it?
I am glad that they are doing something they love. I am glad that they can laugh at themselves and have a good time and are showing the world that people with disabilities can and do live full lives. But I have HUGE reservations about it too! I am fearful that more people will be laughing AT them and not laughing with them. It is scheduled to air on MTV. WE all know that audience and what it means.
I sorta look at it like this though. If Koby told me he wanted to do something like this. And I could tell it made him as happy as it seems it makes these guys, I don't know how I could say no.

Here is a little quote from their Background page on their website,"The disability community has widely embraced this project, often using our films for training or inspirational purposes. Far from being offensive, they provide a positive, empowering view of life with a disability. That’s our opinion. Please watch our films and let us know what YOU think!"

SO....tell me what you think. Whether you have a child with Down syndrome, something else or nothing else. Or you just have an opinion. I would LOVE to hear it!

Not Me Monday

In an effort to remain normal...uhhh whatever that is, I create a Not Me Monday Post(thanks to MckMama) to tell you the things that I DID NOT do this week, and lets say I had...wouldn't dare post about! are some of the things I SO didn't do!
1. I didn't let Koby eat Ice cream for breakfast not 1, but 2 days last week,simply because I couldn't send him to school hungry and that is ALL he could eat!
2. I didn't actually think to myself that I could look THAT good in a bathing suit while watching some commercial with WAY too perfect looking models!No...never!
3. I didn't give in the battle to let Koby run around completely Naked, simply because I had already put the kids Diaper on ohhhhh 900 times that day just to find him diaper-less yet again!
4. I didn't actually think WOW, wouldn't it be FUN to have THAT many kids, when I was readying Multiple Blessings,the story of Jon and Kate Gosselin.And I certainly didn't say it out loud to my husband who I thought was going to jump out the window!
5.I didn't actually have a woman I work with tell me that her friend was GETTING RID of her pregnancy today, so she was taking her out to eat certainly didn't happen...and I certainly didn't freak out! And I am pretty sure she didn't(but really did) change her mind about "getting rid" of babies.
6.It wasn't me who didn't do a SINGLE load of laundry this week either....but whoever it was...has ALOT to do this week!
7.And I most certainly didn't wait all week long to post some of these(and others I can't know I really should write them down)on Not Me Monday! NOT ME!!!!

So...what did you NOT do this week?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

How did the chicken cross the road...apparently not using his wings!

Okay...this article has me totally confused!

How is it that there is a shortage of chicken WINGS...which chickens have TWO of.
Yet...there is not a shortage of chicken breasts....which chickens have one of?
I mean...I am just asking!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Please pray for Baby Michael and Brittany

Please say a prayer for Brittany, her Husband and their unborn son they have decided to name Michael. She and her husband have been given a VERY grave diagnosis regarding Michael's health. She is faithful, yet fearful as anyone would be! The doctors say that her sweet boy maybe still born or live for a VERY short time, and that they will not medically intervene due to the nature of the diagnosis. PLEASE PLEASE pray. I know I don't have a huge blog following, but God puts people where they need to be. SO...if you are reading this say a prayer! God is still the same God as he was so long ago, and he still performs miracles EVERYDAY! Pray!!!
Thank you guys! mroe

Okay...I fixed it even more...



photoshop is my friend!

Thanks to THIS post my MckMamma...I am learning how to use Photoshop to really fix my pictures. I have a middle of the road camera.Not fabulous(like the cannon rebel I want OHHH so very badly!) but it isn't a cheapo either! It costs a little over half of what the Rebel does...and takes pictures just about Half as good...but I am learning to edit them using photoshop thanks to her, and a few other friends!
So look what I did:


Not bad right???? I am sure I will get better at it as time goes on...but for now I am proud of myself!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Let it snow,Let it snow,Let is snow...


This was my front yard at 10Am! Snow...can you believe it? See...look closely it is still snowing!

Another shot of my front least it was sticking in the grass!Or at least a little!

See, it was sticking on our cars too!

Look at my neighbors roofs...they are WHITE! Mine was too, but I wasn't braving the cold weather to get a shot of my house...I took these from my doorway! LOL

So, this was at 10 am this morning. It snowed pretty hard for about 10 minutes and then that was it! I left in my car about 20 minutes after I took those pictures and by the time I got to work(5 minutes from my house)...there was almost no snow on the ground :( I was really hoping for some snowman building weather! But it's all good! They say we should expect more tonight...I will update you tomorrow! Oh...and in case anyone doesn't know why this is a big deal...I live in a city that hasn't had a flake of snow in over 10 years....and when we get snow it is usually a flake or two and the whole city shuts down! LOL I live 5 minutes from the Atlantic ocean in South Carolina...we don't have salt trucks or ice stays till it melts away.Winter is here!
SO...pretty cool!

Monday, January 19, 2009

So..I am proud to say that I did NOT do the following this week:

1. I didn't go three days without washing my hair...because I didn't wake up with minutes to spare Monday Tuesday and Wednesday...hey at least I showered right?

2. I most certainly didn't forget to wear my wedding rings all week long, and had a guy at the grocery store ask me out for a "steak"...(how did he even know I liked steaks?)

3. I am happy to say I didn't get frustrated with my Koby when he REFUSED to say Go Steelers during yesterday's FABULOUS Steelers victory game!

4.I didn't get so involved in the Today show On Thursday that I drank 7 cups of coffee in about an hour.....without even realizing it!

5.I most certainly didn't embarrass myself by talking about my blog friends to my Husband as if they were people that I have known personally for years...I mean WHO would do that!And he most certainly didn't act like he couldn't care less...but he did ask why a woman would name her child McNugget!!!

6.I did NOT hear some of the inauguration addresses by past presidents,this week and decide I should SO become a presidential speech writer. yeah...DEFINITELY didn't do that!

7. Who stayed in their pajamas ALL day after missing church on Sunday, watching movies and football when she really should have been doing laundry and dishes? NOT ME!

So, tell me....what did you NOT wink wink do this week?

Sunday, January 18, 2009



Koby Shaking his Terrible Towel tonight!!!!

Protecting the lives of the innocent

Today is the National Sanctity of Human Life day!
It basically is a day to celebrate life,from the first heart beat to the last!
It is a good article, a great proclamation by the President. I am thankful they did something like this! This is a great step in the battle against the killing of innocent lives!
Fetus =innocent life!
Fetus with Down syndrome= innocent life!
Fetus with beating heart= innocent life!
Fetus conceived by "accident" =innocent life!

Yes, Mr.President..protect the innocent lives!

Here is the article:

What does YOUR Heaven look like?

I just got done watching the movie The 5 People You Meet in Heaven, by Mitch Albom. It is a really interesting take on death and the connections you make to people and how you affect peoples lives, without knowing it!
In the movie, everyone has their own Heaven. The "freak" has his heaven at Ruby Pier. The soldier has his Heaven on something resembling the beautiful Island of Figi. Ruby has her Heaven, all over the place,involved in peoples lives.Marguerite has her Heaven at weddings of all nations. And the little girl Tala has her Heaven in a beautiful River, washing her burns away.
It made me think...What would MY Heaven be? If I could choose exactly where I would spend eternity, what would I choose?
SO I thought about it...I would choose to spend it, at Heinz Field, watching a Steelers game, with My Husband, My Son, and my Dad next to me, eating all of the most fattening Ballpark food they make! That would be a nearly PERFECT situation to me! Silly, to some, I am sure.I am sure some people would choose to have a much more sophisticated,serene setting.But it is what would make me happy!
What would YOUR Heaven look like?

Friday, January 16, 2009

How many shelves does a person really need?

This is a picture of my pantry today...
Here is what you can't see from that picture...That the shelves are about a foot and a half deep. The shelves go over to the right about another foot,which is out of view of the camera, behind that wall/door. The top two shelves have food literally piled on top of each other and stacked together and stuffed in. The third shelf down is only half full, with all of the food pushed to the VERY back...Nothing can be within 6 inches of the front of that shelf.
The second to last shelf, which is JUST as wide and long as the other three has only a big package of packaged paper towels.
The last shelf has ONLY Koby's booster seat, yet it is also just as wide and long as the other shelves???

Now...why do we have to CRAM all the food we have onto those shelves, as well as fill another entire top cabinet in our kitchen with food, yet have 2 and a half shelves of our pantry completely empty? Oh...I am glad you asked...

Let me take you back to Tuesday Morning...a Morning that started like any other Morning...Alarm goes off at 7am..I go get Koby up, get his breakfast and cartoons in the kitchen while I am off to make coffee, and begin getting ready. So, I leave him at the table pop tart in hand,and I go out through our kitchen into the garage to switch some clothes around before I go get Chris up to watch Koby and in the shower.
I was in the garage for a maximum of....5 minutes.... I walk back in to Koby standing with the pantry door WIDE open and the following DUMPED on the floor..over a half a package of goldfish, nearly an entire package of Oreos, a bag of Tostitos that we had just opened the night before,package of fruit snacks, Little Debbie cakes, Triscuits, which were almost gone so really Triscuit CRUMBS,nearly half a package of pasta,laying in the mix was an unopened box of granola, an unopened box of pop tarts, and two unopened boxes of cereal stacked neatly up against the shelves(with which I am nearly certain he got down first and used as a stool to reach items on the higher shelf).
So...THAT is why I can no longer use all of the shelves in my pantry!

God-1 Atheists-0

I loved this! I was following this story on K love and didn't get to hear yesterday what they ruled so I looked it up today! MSN has an article about it!
It just amazes me that people who truly don't care about MY God, care so much that other people care. I mean Lets say I just don't believe that Virginia is a good name for that state. I think it is stupid! But obviously the people that live there and the people that named it think it is great! So...let them think that! How does it affect me? By going to court to try to change something that has been a certain way for YEARS, is just silly! Such a waste of time and money! I am glad that once again God prevailed! Read the article!-Court

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What would you do?

This is something that I think we should all live by. It says the author is "unknown". In reality though I like to think of the author as God. Maybe it is just my desire to link all things Earthly to God in one way or another. Maybe not? After all the Bible tells us in Phillipians 4:13, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. And again in Matthew 19:26 when Jesus says " With Man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible, and many other times throughout the Bible reference is made to the power of God's ability to do ALL things. SO maybe it took a man to write this quote down, but essentially it was God who gave it to us initially.
SO many times in life, things look impossible. We in our flesh tell ourselves, we can't do it because we don't have the finances, we can't do it because we aren't smart enough, we can't do it because we weren't raised that way, we aren't pretty enough, or skinny enough, or we did things in our past, etc. Excuses are easy....but don't be a victim to excuses. Be a victim to FAITH! Rely on God, as he promises in his word, that WITH HIM ALL things ARE in fact possible. Knowing him, trusting in him and believing his word, is ALL it takes in life. Know that just because it doesn't work your way doesn't mean YOU can't do something, or that YOU failed, but that God kept you on the path He intended for your life. Don't give up....give in. Allow God to guide you. Don't get dicouraged! Keep going! Try new things! And KNOW you can't fail! God said so right there in His word!
So....What would YOU attempt to do, now that you KNOW you can NOT fail????

Monday, January 12, 2009

One LIfe to Love

One of My new favorite songs, is by a group called 33 miles. They are a young group of guys who basically gave up everything. College scholarships to great schools, their families, and their youth to do what God had called them to do. They were faithful and have been rewarded greatly for answering the call. It is great to hear them, and their whole album is great.
This particular song, One Life To Love, is just precious to me though. It really tells a story about how you better make it right in this life time, because it is all you have. It reminds us that we truely have to make every second count, and to be thankful for what we have, because before we know it it is over. God doesn't promise anyone tomorrow. In fact he has appointed a time for all of us to leave this Earthly home. He has invited us to a new home, with him in the sky, and whhile we are here....we better make it count! If you get a chance go to 33 miles website and check the song out!
Here are the Lyrics

You only get one shot at this,
One chance,
To find out,
The one thing that you don't wanna miss,
One day when its all said and done
I hope you see that it was enough,
This one ride,
One try,
One life,
To love.

She never thought she cared so much about those little hands,
That held on tight the day she left,
Til she was scared to death,
Sitting all alone on a hotel bed,
The end of the road,
The sun has set on her big plans,
Find more lyrics at
To feel young again,
She picks up the phone,
Dials the number,
Hears that little voice,
That's haunted every single mile,
Since she made that choice,

You only get just one time around,
You only get one shot at this,
One chance,
To find out,
The one thing that you don't wanna miss,
One day when its all said and done
I hope you see that it was enough,
This one ride,
One try,
One life,
To love.

You only get just one time around,
You only get one shot at this,
One chance,
To find out the one thing
That you don't wanna miss,
One day when its all said and done
I hope you see that it was enough,
This one ride,
One try,
One life,
One ride,
One try,
One life,
To love,
To love,


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Entertained, educated and enlightened!

I sometimes struggle with what to post on here. I feel like I have such a boring life! I work...I come home, I workout, I spend time with my family....and I sleep. WEll, that is the basic jist. I am not like most the moms on here, who work at home with their children, educating them, or just taking care of them in general, which is a great Job...and one I did for nearly 3 years. I only have one child...unlike many of you who have stories to tell daily about this child or that one. So I have been thinking lately what do I have to offer? What can I blog about that keeps me and any potential passerby's entertained, educated, and enlightened? I am going to blog about my Christianity. How I got saved, what I think about the news happeneing, church things, friend things, prayer things, family things....but all how it make me feel in my spiritual self. So, you will see a change about my bloggings...but it is still me! And I am sure I will throw in a little Koby update here and there....and expect some football blogs...because after all it is play off season! So, hopefully it will be a good change....hopefully!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Rain Rain go away!

Why is it that everyday I am off it RAINS????? But the days I work it is heavenly outside? Is there some day off conspiracy, that I am unaware of? I mean what does a girl have to do to have a decent day off???

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

You get what you pay for...

I think we have all heard that at some point. Usually it follows a lesson in which we confirm the addage to be true. Trying to skim on certain might work. It might be fine. It might work! You might save some money, and end up being okay. However, we have all had the opposite be true. You know...the things you tried to skimp on, or tried to "try something new". But you end up spending more, because it doesn't work or isn't as good, and you have to buy the more expensive, or original item anyway.
I have tried to get my husband to get the cheaper brand or something else several times over the last almost 6 years of marriage...however he reminds me consistently....You get what you pay for! SO we started talking about it, things that you have to buy name brand and things you can skimp on...Well here are the lessons I learned over the last three weeks:
1. Cheap batteries: they aren't even strong enough to turn my camera on, and only let Koby's tractor live for about 20 minutes...just stick to the copper top or drumming bunnies!
2. Tampons: I know I know...I should have known...but I can you mess a tampon up! I'll spare you the details
3. Fruit cups: I LITERALY couldn't get the cheap one open. It was like getting in to a bank vault, you HAD to have two people!
4.Hotdogs: they taste like rubber...just get the good ones!
5. Toilet paper: as Chris that sand paper?
6.dishwashing liquid: I mean it didn't even make suds? Seriously....crap!
7.Ketchup: there is just NOTHING like Heinz!
I am sure I could go on and on...Point can't always save money and be okay! Sometimes just spending the extra pennies makes it worth it!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Koby's fall party at school...
This was such a fun day! His teacher makes everything so much fun!She is just great!
They had Indian vests, and they danced to songs, and had a little "feast" it was a blast! Chris and I both were able to go!
Here are the pictures!

Sunday, January 4, 2009


It's been a quite a while since I have posted! But I will be back in full force now. This time of year is SOOOO busy in the business I am in that I barely have time for family, much less blogging! But I am so glad to be back, and I have been able to catch up on everyones blogs!
Hope everyone had a GREAT Christmas and New Years! WE certainly did! It has been sooo exhausting working and school for Koby and all the family and plans with Birthdays and Christmas and New Years! Was a great Month for my business, and a great Month for Family! I have several blogs I want to post, and LOTS of pictures. But this picture pretty much sums up how we feel after this month(my little family that is).
This was taken tonight after Koby ate dinner. I was finishing up Dinner and dishes and so he was allowed to watch TV in the living room. He doesn't usually get to do this because he stands on the coffee table, to dance. Well, he got really quiet and this is how I found my 4 year old son, at 7 pm...about 2 hours before his bedtime.