Thursday, December 11, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

On this day twenty four years ago. My Mom, went to the hospital at around 11 am. She was(are you ready for this?) nearly 44 weeks pregnant. Her due date had been the 20th of November. She was going to Military Hospitals(as my Dad was in the Navy) and they just weren't taking her seriously( they were pretty crappy back then, and you should HEAR the stories she has told!WOW). This had gone on for LONG ENOUGH! She went in to the ER that day and REFUSED to leave without one of two things handcuffs or a baby! So finally after about a half hour of acting like a crazy women who had been pregnant for WAY too long calmly explaining her case, to about 3 different doctors,they did an ultrasound, and discovered that I was barely moving, and had no where near enough amniotic fluid, and that my mom was in fact contracting pretty regularly( they didn't believe her because she wasn't screaming in pain i guess). At around 12pm they induced my mom, at 1 they broke her water and I was born just before 3 oclock. I was completely blackish looking and didn't cry. They rushed me to the NICU,and imediatly started bloodwork and oxygen. All seemed well after a sort time though, and the dr's told my Mom she did the right thing, and that had she gone home that day I prob wouldn't have made it! What a smart Momma I have!
I weighed 8 lbs 5.5 oz,and was 18 inches but had been estimated on a previous ultrasound to be well over 9 lbs(as all of my moms other babies were at birth). I was the smallest of her 5 kids. Probably because I had started to lose weight in there. My Mom still jokes that she thought I was going to be born just in time for Kindergarten!
And here I am 24 years later! Just as blessed as I was the day I was born!
Thank God for all of my years, and the many more I hope I have!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Not Me Monday!

Well, it's Not Me Monday time again! The fun time each week where I get to prove that I am a PERFECT Mother, Wife, Daughter, Aunt, Sister, Boss and Friend!!!

This week, was fun! I am glad to say that I did NOT forget to call my brother to pick up my niece that we only get to see once or twice a year, because I wouldn't do that especially since her Mother reminded me for about two months in a ROW when she was coming and that she wanted me to be the Go-between for her to get from my brother to my parents( they don't speak). Not me!
I most definitely didn't clean my car out this week and find 2 sippy cups with juice, and enough Koby clothes to dress him for nearly a's(boxes of snack size chips) that have been in there since I came home from Charlotte,and a pair of flip flops that I swore someone stole from me atwork at the beach.

I surely didn't allow Koby to play hookie from school on Friday, just because my niece(you know the one I DIDN'T forget) was in town and they went to bed like sweet angels promptly at 8pm were up till almost 11 watching movies and playing "animal doctor".

I also didn't allow Koby to open a Christmas Present already just to try and get a cute picture of him in front of the tree that he is all of a sudden scared of. I would never do that, or let him wear said present to church on Sunday,Not me!

When my MIL called tonight and asked my husband what we were doing for Koby's Birthday( it's the 16th of Dec.), I DID NOT, Stare at him with REALLY wide eyes as if to say...OH CRAP, I have no clue, because I only thought about his school party. That would be a HORRIBLE thing to do as a Mother, and I am glad I didn't do it!

Last but not least, I didn't get a little too excited when My Mom from Florida called today and told me she sent me a birthday present, and I should have it by Thursday(my actual birthday), because that would just be childish, and it is just ANOTHER SUPER DUPER EXCITING year!

I am glad that I can say I didn't do anything absent minded, silly, lazy, or down right stupid this week!

ps: anyone know what to do for a 4 year old boys B-day party...just asking for a friend!(hehehe)

Calling all Christians!!!

SO, Chris and I were having a discussion, about the age of the Earth, and how old creationist believe it is vs. evolutionists. WE are both Christians of course, but since the bible isn't 1000% clear on how old the Earth is, and the discrepancy between what most Christians vs what evolutionists believe is HUGE we don't really agree, or know what exactly to believe. Well, somehow we got on the subject of Dinosaurs.I don't believe dinosaurs existed. Even though a lot of Christian websites suggest they probably did, and all evolutionists believe in them...something about them and the way they supposedly died doesn't make sense at all to me. I all seems to go VERY much against the evolutionary explanation anyway. How did something so strong and powerful and resilient, just die off. I mean if God intended it that way, and the Bible explained that I would believe it and move on. But something about it just doesn't make sense to me! Chris says, "But court, they have bones"...and????... I mean who said they weren't elephants or other animals that we don't know about...I clearly don't 'know what I believe...but I am just NOT buying Dinosaurs.
So...If anyone knows something I don't know about the bible or haven't been able to find on christian websites...I would love to hear it! It might clear up some arguments friendly discussions in my house!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

how dare I ask- a conversation with Koby

me: Koby, what do you want for Lunch?
Koby: *signs* French fries
me: French fries...what else? You want Chicken?
Me: ...or a hamburger..
Koby: no...siken....siken,siken,siken!!!
me: okay...I got it! Chicken it is!

Monday, December 1, 2008


I found a blog...called My charming kids. Anyway, it is super clever, and funny! Sweet and spiritual! I LOVE it! Love the photography and the stories. Anyway, the author of that blog( or the MckAuthor should I say?) has something she calls NOT me Monday. For anyone who knows me know this is SOOO me! SO I thought I would partake today!

Today was an interesting day for me! It is almost over now (11:30pm) and I am glad to say there are several things that I absolutely did NOT do today!
First of all I did NOT sleep in until almost 10:00am, because Koby was at school, and I was NOT putting off doing the literally 8 loads of laundry I have sitting in my laundry room.
I then went to Koby's IEP meeting. He and I then left, and DID NOT break the no fast food during the week rule, and get a basket of Zaxby's fries and bread. WE then came home, and I did NOT let him skip his afternoon nap, because his favorite movie was on TV, and remember that Laundry...had to get that caught up right?!?Good thing I didn't get just as involved in the movie as Koby was, No NO...not me!
I was not involved in the forgetting to lay out something for dinner, which was a good thing since Hubby came home early and was Very Hungry! WE went and bought our Christmas Tree today, and I am NOT so OCD that I REFUSED to let Koby hang any ornaments and made Hubby entertain him so I could perfect my Christmas Creation! NOT ME!!!!
OH and just in case you were wondering...I am not the one who left dinner dishes in the dishwasher(clean) to put away tomorrow...wasn't me!
Glad I am...well...nearly perfect...and wouldn't do ANY of these things!!!!

IEP meeting

We had Koby's annual IEP meeting this morning. It went great. It was the first IEP meeting at his new school.
Let me start by saying that last year, he went to a different school. It wasn't my favorite. I didn't like his teacher that much. She was very negative. Not only that but at the same time, the school had a LEAP grant, which provides what is supposed to be a very good educational opportunity for the SN kids, by integrating more typical peers into the SN classroom. theory! What ended up happening is that the teacher ended up putting all of her focus and attention into the kids that didn't need it as much(typical kids), and kids like Koby(SN kids) were totally put on the back burner. He learned nothing, HATED school, and I hated taking him there. The whole structure of the school was just cold, and unfriendly, from the office staff to the teacher and even the principals. It wasn't HORRIBLE or anything, or clearly I wouldn't have even taken Koby, it was just...well...negative.
Anyway, I digress.
This year has been great! His teacher is FABULOUS! I mean I LOVE her! She is personable. She talks to me and communicates constantly, and genuinely cares how Koby is, and should he miss a day she calls and checks on him and makes sure he is alright. She is great! The whole school is great!
The IEP meeting was something that I walked away from last year feeling...unhappy at best, and decided to just see how it went. Well, this year couldn't be different! The teacher actually knew what she was talking about and how to write goals, the speech and physical therapists knew what they were talking about, and really cared and asked lots of questions! The assistant principal, was great. The psychologist, was amazing as well, and instead of trying to make me feel like Koby was a diagnosis, she spoke to me about my CHILD...not his DX. They all had super input. They all added great goals. I agreed with them all. The only thing I wanted to add was to extend his school day from half days, to whole days. And while I was MORE than ready for the resistance. THey all....ALL..agreed. The principal was the first one to say,"well if we don't extend his school day I don't see how there will be any time for academics with the other services he needs(she means PT,OT,ST and their lunch specials and recess)." The psychologist agreed that for Koby his LRE IS at school in a structured environment, as that is where he thrives. Koby one on one, is VERY cooperative and well behaved, and will and can do ANYTHING. When he gets around other kids he sorta loses the path, and in order for him to achieve his goals, which are all written based on "peer based learning and developing" he needs as much time as possible in a learning environment. Sooo, THEY ALL AGREED!!! WE still have to have one more meeting with the head of the Preschool development department for the county schools, but with Me, the PT, the ST, the Teacher, the Asst. Principal,the psychologist, and the OT all agreeing this is the best for Koby, I doubt she will have room to disagree. And I will fight it anyway, and I will win, Because I have the data to support him not reaching 3 of his 6 goals, which makes him eligible for extended days!Over all, I am soooo happy with this school, meeting, and team! I wish everyone had such a supportive team, who want to get Koby to the level for complete inclusion next year. and will do what deemed necessary to make sure Koby is successful!
I think as parents of kids with SN, we are sorta programed early on to be prepared to fight for our kids. From the get go, we often have to defend our kids very existence to Family, doctors, therapists, insurance companies, Birth to three programs, etc. so when we don't have to fight...or have others want the same things we do for our kids, it is great. It makes our jobs easier as parents. The IEP team today told me, that Koby acts like a typical kid,and that they sometimes have to remind themselves he has DS...My Job here is DONE! Don't get me wrong...I am very thankful for the fact Koby has DS, and I don't try to Hide it or brush it away. But since the DAY we found out he Did have down syndrome (that took 6 weeks but....totally other post!) we have treated him, and had the expectations as if he were totally typical. The greatest thing is that others see what we see in Koby, the he is a SOn, a grandson, nephew, cousin, friend and little boy...who happens to have Down syndrome. He isn't Down syndrome...he doesn't fit into a stereotypical mold, where a specified set of rules and regulations set forth by a team of "professionals" fit him...and I haven't met a person with Down syndrome who does fit that. Koby is making his own path in this world...he is his own person. I love him for that! And the world is a better place, for having him in it!