Monday, August 10, 2009

NoT mE mOnDaY!!!!!

1. I did not work over 65 hours outside of my house this week
2. I didn't still find the time to play with my son in the pool.
3. I am not making excuses to put off his haircut as LONG as i can before school starts because it is AWFUL!
4. I did not let him eat pancakes, ice cream and cheez its for breakfast because that is what he wanted.
5. I have not been so busy that I haven't seen my husband for even one meal this week.
6. I didn't throw about 5 fast food cups away from my car just yesterday...because i don't eat out that much in one week!
7.I am not secretly counting the days till school starts because I don't absolutely need a BREAK!
8. The one night my husband and I were together at home(well past 9pm) we didn't both nearly KILL each other in a hilarious story below!
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