Wednesday, August 12, 2009

From the Ground up...

We teach our kids to walk....we teach them to talk...we teach them to love...(this isn't a poem-stick with me)....we teach them to eat.....basically we teach them everything they know. This is the way it is designed....the problem is...more and more in this time we are in....we teach kids not to appreciate anything. I see everyday kids in stores telling their parents how to be parents....telling their parents how to spend their money...telling their parents what they will and will NOT do in no uncertain baffles me. I am not a perfect parent...far from it...i really think that we have to wonder why our economy is this way...when kids have no value of a dollar. Ask the kids around you how much they think things cost? they have no idea.
i think that we have spoiled our kids, and are in fact perpetuating the problem. how do we expect to fix this whole economic crisis....are we starting from the ground up...when a hurricane comes and the whole house blows away you don't start from the top and go start from the foundation, and rebuild even why aren't we focusing on our are required to take soooo many math classes and even foreign language but there are essentially no classes in our public school system that promote the education of financial responsibility.....we teach kids what each nomination means....maybe we teach them which president is on what coin or bill...we teach them to add....subtract...but basically that is it. Why aren't we teaching them to balance a check book. why aren't we teaching them to budget, how to save...what the differences are between one account over the stock market to know if you can truly afford something...what to do if you come into an credit cards work. i mean...if they government would invest some money into teaching how it works...we wouldn't need universal health care, or government bail outs...we wouldn't need all millions and million of taxpayer dollars going to sue the CEO's of these corporations that screwed people out of money...the stocks wouldn't be in such a mess...the list really is endless as to the things that over the next few years this would alleviate...these kids would pass this down to their kids as they grow up...etc.....etc....I know there is no perfect fix, but trying to teach these adults...well you have heard the old dog new trick thing right? lets make this worth our wild...lets start with teaching our own children the value of a dollar...including them in family decisions...since when is family budget so taboo...and no one wants to tell their kids they can't afford something...nooo just going into credit card debt it better right?....ok.....what about your kids need all those toys...i know mine barely touches his....what about teaching them to give to charity...what about giving them savings bonds....what about giving them some cash and showing them how to get the most for it...wouldn't that lesson go a lot longer than a playstation game....wouldn't that be a nice family experience, instead of your kids being hulled up in their rooms playing video games(don't even get me started on the obesity problem)...I think as americans it is time we take this problem into our own hands and start from the ground up....teach your children....or before you point ONE finger at BUSH or OBAMA...or your neighbor who has lost their home....look in the mirror. WHAT have you done to help?!?!?!?